Did I do wrong?

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Re: Did I do wrong?

Post by Teddiedoodles » 04 Apr 2014, 22:31

You absolutely did the right thing. I am a nurse and we have it drummed into us assess risk. However, if I was in your situation I would have done the same thing. There are plenty of people that would have just drove past. You have done a great thing and I'm sure the lady is extremely grateful.
Well done.

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Re: Did I do wrong?

Post by Manda64 » 05 Apr 2014, 18:16

Niandsa, well done for your instinctive reactions. I'm glad the lady is home and recovering, I'm sure when you pop in to see her she will be very grateful and you will then(rightly) feel very proud of your actions. x :)


Re: Did I do wrong?

Post by beeeerock » 07 Apr 2014, 17:16

You absolutely did the right thing... people need to step up as you did! Standing around is certain to do nothing for the victim.

An elderly relative of mine 'dropped dead' on the street one day... someone saw him fall and gave him CPR on the sidewalk. The ambulance came, took him to hospital and he lived another 4 or 5 quality years before he finally died of natural causes at a ripe old age. If that person hadn't decided to give it a try, he would have been gone.

This news story may have found it over your way... it happened a few hours from where I live and shows you just can't give up...: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-c ... -1.2591379

I saw another news story on this that said her body temperature was in the low 20's when she got to hospital. Amazing and probably a new 'record' for this sort of case. If any single link in the chain that brought her back to life had given up, she wouldn't have made it. As it appears today, she will recover without any deficits.

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Re: Did I do wrong?

Post by Jay128 » 07 Apr 2014, 17:28

Beeeerock that is an incredible story, again with people that choose to go above and beyond :D

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