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Posting Images

Post by mhayhurst » 26 Aug 2007, 11:13

We would encourage anyone with a labradoodle here to post pictures of their dog(s) for us all to see. You can post links to images on your own site within the forum message editors but better is to upload your pictures to Yahoo's Flickr service (which is free for even quite generous amounts of disk space).

Simply visit and sign up for a free or pro account and upload your images with a tag of "labradoodle". They will then automatically come through on our gallery here (and you can also link directly to the flickr images from your forum messages).

Also make sure to add a descriptive title to the image in Flickr as this will also come through to the gallery here - much better to say "Smudge's first visit to the seaside" than "DSC_0918928" ;)

Flickr has a wealth of other services that I can heartily recommend.


BTW there are a couple of rather non-labradoodle-looking dogs with the labradoodle tag on flickr but thankfully 99% seem to be the real thing :)

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