Labradoodle Code of Practice for Breeders

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Labradoodle Code of Practice for Breeders

Post by mhayhurst » 18 Jan 2008, 18:57

The UKLA Website has a voluntary Code of Practice (CoP) which has been established through consultation throughout the UK Labradoodle community. In order to stamp out irresponsible breeding and exploitation of dogs (and purchasers), this Code of Practice seeks to define the criteria by which a responsible breeder can be measured.

Any breeders wishing to be listed on this site must be in compliance with the following Code of Practice. Minor divergences from the specific terms of this CoP may be accepted subject to review and must accompany any and all listings made as a breeder on this site. The site administrators reserve the right to refuse listing.

Prospective Labradoodle owners are urged to verify all details with potential supplying breeders prior to progressing the purchase of any dog. The UKLA provides no warranty whatsoever and cannot confirm that listed breeders are in compliance with these terms - it is the responsibility of the individual purchaser to assure themselves of the suitability of their breeder.

Labradoodle Code of Practice for Breeders

  1. No bitch bred from in the same 12 months as having a litter
  2. No bitch to have a litter before 2 yrs or after 7 years, bitches to be limited to 4 litters.
  3. All tests relative to breed carried out on parent dogs and KC and vet certificates available for viewing by prospective purchasers (Potential purchasers should be aware of the hereditary problems that can crop up in the breed)
  4. Puppies are wormed with a veterinary preparation and schedule provided
  5. Puppy comes with puppy pack of information leaflet, pedigree, registration documents where possible, photos of parent dogs and the next 48 hours of food.
  6. The breeder must supply a contract with their puppy stating that they will remain responsible for the future of the pup, in that they guarantee to assist with rehoming of the dog at any time in the future, if it should become necessary.
  7. All bitches and puppies must be kept in warm comfortable conditions.
  8. In the breeding of Miniature Labradoodles care must be taken that too large a dog is not mated to too small a bitch
  9. All adverts to have the breeder's full name and landline number, address to be supplied in full to puppy viewers.
  10. (With effect from 1st October 2009) The parents of all puppies advertised on this site to have the minimum required testing as follows:
    • Miniature and Standard Poodle - 1) Hip scoring 2) Eye testing
    • Toy Poodles - 1) Eye testing
    • Labrador and Golden Retrievers - 1) Hip scoring 2) Eye testing
    • Labradoodles (inc Goldendoodles and other crosses) - 1) Hip scoring 2) Elbow scoring 3) Eye testing

    It is up to the buyer to ensure that they are shown these minimum health test results.

Any breeders found to be in persistent breach of this CoP will be subject to removal from the site. Any such breaches should be reported to with full details.

This Code of Practice is subject to review from time to time and breeders should be sure to keep themselves up to date with requirements. Feedback on this document is welcomed, email