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kimberlene labradoodles

Posted: 27 Oct 2013, 19:55
by davidstorer
does anyone have any info on kimberlene labradoodle breeders in Warwickshire, recently bought two dogs from there and they are nothing like we were promised,and are costing an absolute fortune in vet bills

Re: kimberlene labradoodles

Posted: 28 Oct 2013, 11:27
by Vincento
Hello, I'm sorry that you are having some problems.

My dog Vince is a Kimberlenes "Old Boy" he will be nine next month and yes I guess he was expensive at the time. Although bearing in mind there were very few Labradoodle breeders 10 years ago and none anywhere near us (over 6 hour round trip).
Health wise he's been pretty good and I would say no more than our previous Labradoodle (not a Kimberlenes).
Dog's do have illness just as we do but Vince has not had any ongoing illness "touch wood".
I would say he has a brilliant temperament, non confrontational, maybe a bit aloof with other dogs. Very loving and sensitive. He has calmed down with age but was never a really chase about bouncy dog.

What was promised to you exactly?
How old are you dogs?
Are they a first cross?
What health issues have you had? Have you spoken with them about your dogs?

Lots of Kimberlenes owners on here I'm sure others may be able to help with advice too.