Anyone got a Kia estate car?

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Anyone got a Kia estate car?

Post by MrsAdmin » 18 Nov 2013, 06:50

Does anyone here have a Kia estate car?

I have been offered one to buy second hand as a replacement for my aging but hugely spacious workhorse Ford Mondeo Ghia Estate.

The almighty question above all others on cars for me is whether I can fit at least two, preferably three, large Doodles in to lie down in comfort on long journeys, even if we do have to pack masses of stuff under their beds and they are up near the roof :oops:

Not too sure if the boot is low down or high up either from the site pictures. :?

I hate having to change cars as it takes forever to find the right one :cry:

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Re: Anyone got a Kia estate car?

Post by Douglas » 18 Nov 2013, 10:12

I have a kia ceed saloon and I can easily get my dood in the back. The 1.6 petrol has a Toyota engine fitted and up to now it has never let me down. It may be worth you having a look at it.

Harvey Doodle
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Re: Anyone got a Kia estate car?

Post by Harvey Doodle » 18 Nov 2013, 10:38

Hi Mrs A

Which model estate are you interested in?

I had a Sorento when they first came out in 2003 and replaced it with another one in 2006; thoroughly enjoyed both cars although fuel consumption was high particularly on the second one which was an automatic. Later models have different engines so don't know how expensive they are to run.

Both had loads of boot space and lots of space inside. I particularly liked the high seating position as I didn't have to drag myself off the floor when getting out.

I went smaller to a Nissan Qashqai but chopped it in after nearly 5 years for a Kia Sportage earlier this year. Boot is reasonable but high base which reduces headroom for Harvey but he copes OK. Main reason for the high boot base is that it has a real spare wheel in there, not a space saver or a can of goo like so many nowadays.
Ken, Marion & Harvey

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