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scrummy treats.....

Posted: 06 Nov 2015, 16:32
by kobi&jazz

My son in law fetched a gift for the hounds this morning and boy what a big hit it was :D .
A pack of 2 whole Salmon skins - full of omegas 3 &6. He purchased them from Cumbria but their web-site is for any one interested in purchasing healthy treats for their doods.
All products ethically and sustainably sourced.
Guess what they will be getting for xmas :) :) :)

Re: scrummy treats.....

Posted: 08 Jan 2016, 11:49
by We5Kings
Thanks for recommending Green and Wilds. We bought Dude the Tiddlers( real tiny dried fish) and the Twists( curly crunchy fish skins) These are great pocket size treats( bit smelly, but hey..)and Dude LOVES them! Also, they don't upset his sensitive Tum. (He has Canagan salmon kibble for his 2meals a day so it's fishy feasts all the way!) Anny