Fox poo miracle?!

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Fox poo miracle?!

Post by eileenandmolly » 24 Oct 2016, 20:02

After years of trying all the usual solutions, I have found that Huggies Baby Wipes not only clean but also remove the smell!!!!! Needs a few for a big doodle but SO worth it!!!

Just thought I'd share :lol:

Some folks may not agree with using human wipes on dog skin - but no adverse effects here :D
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Re: Fox poo miracle?!

Post by kathiedoodle » 24 Oct 2016, 21:48

Huggies wipes, thanks for the tip. The next cow pat Holly takes a fancy to I will try them. My car resembles a grooming parlour anyway, baby wipes (not that good for Holly but great for me when I get covered with Holly's latest foray into all things natural) coat spray which makes her sneeze and me, assorted towels, face cloths and kitchen roll. Something for every occasion ! Someone said to me once that tomato sauce works well but the thought of a pink doodle strutting her stuff over the Downs, I don't know might be amusing :twisted:

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