Walkezee harness

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Walkezee harness

Post by Bid » 05 Feb 2008, 11:27


I thought I'd do a review of the harness I use for Daisy. It has a padded chest strap that is not fastened at either end, so the dogs don't get used to pulling on it. Your lead can fasten to either the right or the left side and tightens the chest strap so stopping them from pulling. It has a coupler that crosses over the back and you can attach the lead to the centre, or for ultra control you can use reins which attach to both sides. There is a loop that goes from the chest strap to the collar to stop it from dropping down.

It took a few goes before Daisy got used to my putting it on, but now she stands still whilst I put in on her.

For normal lead walking the change for us was instant - Daisy walks beautifully on it. In town I use the reins and this give me practically total control. In moments of great excitement she still pulls a little and tries to jump, but the harness means that I can hold her easily whereas before hand it was a real struggle.

After a bit of constant use she started now walks without pulling when not using the harness. Now I just have to use the harness occasionally just to remind her.

One thing I particularly like is that is doesn't have a strap accross the nose as I see so many dogs walking along rubbing their noses to get rid of them.

My only complaint is that the velcro piece attaching the chest strap to the normal collar slips round, which could easily be remedied by making it fixed rather than looped round.

The company are very helpful, and changed the coupler for me when I ordered the wrong size with no quibbling, and the delivery times are excellent.

I would have liked one in cream though :roll: (They come in blue, red, black & khaki)

Prices are from £15 for the small harness only, up to £30 for the extra large full kit including reins & coupler.
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Re: Walkezee harness

Post by saz1970 » 05 Feb 2008, 16:08

I tried the walkezee harness with Chelsea too (thanks to a very understanding animal shelter I have tried most things!). She seemed really comfortable in it and it DID stop her pulling on the walk BUT when we met another dog she got so excited that she pulled really hard and it tightened really hard around her front. She then got her leg caught in it and yelped something alarming. Because of this I reverted to the gentle leader again as I felt more in control. Having said that I did not try with the double reins and I can see that this would be better. I WAS impressed by the comfort and quality of it.

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