For remembering our beloved friends who await us at the Rainbow Bridge
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Post by lab1 » 23 Jul 2011, 15:27

:x our lovely candy was put down yesterday after having a stroke. didn't no I could cry so much.I am glad she had a good time with our little ruby she was so loving with her now back to to lovely girls ruby and Tammy. lorayne

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Re: candy

Post by Clairejen » 23 Jul 2011, 16:00

That is so sad (((hugs))), it is very distressing to see them go through this. I'm sure you all miss her loads. You did the right thing for her, saving her pain and suffering, I hope you and your other girls can comfort each other. Run free at the bridge, Candy.
slave of Leon & Sally
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Re: candy

Post by Bid » 23 Jul 2011, 16:04

So sorry to hear your news :( :( . Our dogs are members of our families, and is it devastating to lose one of them. Give your girls a special hug.
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Re: candy

Post by tynkerbelluk » 23 Jul 2011, 16:18

So sad to hear about Candy. We can all relate to the oceans of tears when we lose our lovely dogs, it is only natural after all they give to us so freely.
Hugs and sympathy
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Re: candy

Post by susieQ » 23 Jul 2011, 17:44

So sorry to hear of your sad loss. My tears are running, having just read about another dog that has left us.

Heartfelt sympathy to you and yours.
Sue and Rosie

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Re: candy

Post by JeanG » 23 Jul 2011, 21:17

So sorry to hear such sad news. Thinking of you. Take care. Jean xxxxx
Jean & Bella xxx

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Re: candy

Post by Kirstie & Murphy » 23 Jul 2011, 22:09

Sorry to hear of your sad loss, extra cuddles all round.
Kirstie & Murphy
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Re: candy

Post by Pollydoodle » 23 Jul 2011, 23:09

Lorayne, such awful sadness ,so sorry for your loss.

Be at peace Candy

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Re: candy

Post by nicollf » 24 Jul 2011, 09:14

So sorry for your loss. I lost my beloved Amber in November and I know how absolutely awful you must feel. RIP Candy.

xx Fiona and Lottie

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Re: candy

Post by Alibobs » 24 Jul 2011, 09:36

Cried myself reading your post. Lola has only been with us for 2 months and already she feels like a member of our family. We are sending you our heartfelt sympathy's to you and the girls.
RIP Candy and run free with all the other dogs in heaven.
Alison & Lola x

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Re: candy

Post by The Turners » 24 Jul 2011, 21:46

So sorry for your loss, you are in our thoughts.
Nicky Chris & Wurly
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