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Goodbye Coopee.

Posted: 03 Jan 2012, 16:56
by Elendili
I have'nt been on here for quite a while now, and for some of the older members they might
remember me?

This afternoon at 2pm Dear Little coopee(copeau in French) was PTS. aged 17
We had a very quiet night with her last night, and we all had rota so we could be with her; and also sleep.
I held her in my arms as the dreaded act was done, and as you know, part of my heart went with her.

I fostered coopee for my Aunt who had a brain Heamorage on 18th Sept 2007. It was a terrible time...
I had a doodle pup ordered who was born on the 16th Oct ( one of the Scrumpets) from Chelsea. And had to make the awful desision not to have my little pup; to care for coopee and the daily care for my Aunt.

Lots has past since that time.

But Good night My Dear Coopee. xxxx Love you always.

Jenn & Peaches