Big Bad Mo

For remembering our beloved friends who await us at the Rainbow Bridge
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Big Bad Mo

Post by linny » 09 Feb 2012, 03:42

We have had to say goodbye to Rainbow Moses aka Big bad Mo :cry: :cry:
Moses was a cantankerous old Anglo Nubian goat, who has trip trapped over the Rainbow Bridge aged 18 yrs.
Mornings just won't be the same without your customary bum bite Mo......and despite all your shortcomings you were loved and will be missed by me and especially by Columbus your Pygmy friend.
Run free old man.

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Re: Big Bad Mo

Post by LakeDistrictDoodle » 09 Feb 2012, 11:34

Poor Mo and poor you guys.
We have one male goat called Jay, he is the last of our 9 all the others were girl (he is a weather not a Billy) his twin sister died in 2010 on the day we had the Cumbria shootings up here and he is still going on. He lost a horn last year when he got stuck overnight in a fence. He didn't like the treatment so each day he jumped into the farm behinds us and refused to come home untill we went in the house. One day we got him, he had come home and crawled under a hen house to die really. He had reopened the wound and it was infested. 3 hours of fighting later he was cleaned up, tied into field shelter and now back to normal.
They are such lovely creatures goats, you have to have them like you and us to know that.
I hope me is running around with our lot up there.....Bramble, Lucy, Katy, Demi, Cilla, Bambi, Daisy, Izzy. Enjoy yourself Mo.
Me and Mummy

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The Turners
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Re: Big Bad Mo

Post by The Turners » 09 Feb 2012, 15:05

I’m sorry for your loss of Big Bad Mo :( , Sounds like he had a great life.

I had a pet goat whilst growing up & I loved him to pieces. Even though when my eldest sister got married She wanted photo’s in my parents back garden (beautiful Rose beds :D ) Charlie Goat got out & chomped all the heads off said beautiful Roses . It wasn’t funny at the time, but all these years later my parents now laugh about Charlie Goat’s antics.

Have fun up there with Charlie Goat, Big Bad Mo. :wink:

Nicky x
Nicky Chris & Wurly
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Re: Big Bad Mo

Post by Clairejen » 09 Feb 2012, 16:18

Goats have amazing characters, I love the quizzical way they look at you. So sad to lose your old boy like that, I hope his little friend finds a new companion. Run free Moses.
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