In memory of Millie

For remembering our beloved friends who await us at the Rainbow Bridge
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In memory of Millie

Post by Masil » 24 Mar 2013, 01:26

It's a year today since we had our lovely girl Millie pts. I think about her every day and say God Bless every night before I go to sleep. We miss her very much but we had 12 years with the most wonderful dog and have so many happy memories. I know that we will see you again one day Millie, so until then, God Bless lovely girl xxx

Doodle Dee
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Re: In memory of Millie

Post by Doodle Dee » 24 Mar 2013, 08:38

my thoughtS are with you
Lulu & Dx


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Re: In memory of Millie

Post by MandyG » 24 Mar 2013, 10:03

Right now I can't imagine life without my Phoebe. But I know, one day, I'll be in your place. Until then, I will enjoy every day with my precious friend, love her, protect her, keep her healthy and happy.

Warm thoughts and doodle licks to you at this time.

Love and licks, Phoebe and Mandy

pixie's mum
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Re: In memory of Millie

Post by pixie's mum » 24 Mar 2013, 10:17

we never forget our old friends do we? just smile about the nice things and Pixie and Jazz send soft comforting doodle kisses to you

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Re: In memory of Millie

Post by Maggie111 » 24 Mar 2013, 10:47

Oh gosh, lots of hugs for you today :(

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Re: In memory of Millie

Post by Cate » 24 Mar 2013, 11:04


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Re: In memory of Millie

Post by briansangel » 24 Mar 2013, 12:47

Agrees with Mandy's lovely sentiments... Godbess Millie xxx

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