Matilda reunited with Fergus.

For remembering our beloved friends who await us at the Rainbow Bridge
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Matilda reunited with Fergus.

Post by linny » 18 Jan 2015, 16:19

In December we lost Fergus and today we have lost Matilda :cry: :cry:
Matilda was also a very old cat at 21.3 years and she was best friend to Fergus.
Since he passed on December 8th Matilda has just faded away :( :(

I found Matilda when she was only around ten days old, she had been thrown away on a country lane with several other kittens and she was the only kitten still alive . :evil:
We rushed her to the vet and she was given little hope of survival 10 days with fleas,worms ,enteritis and cat flu we all thought she could not survive :( .... but we all underestimated little Matilda Jane and after eleven months of ongoing vet care she recovered and has lived a long happy life .
Because of her traumatic start Matilda remained extremely small but she took no prisoners and earned great respect from all our dogs and cats.
We will miss her so much but hopefully she will be with her dear friend Fergus and I guess Huggy will be looking for cover now that Matilda has crossed the bridge :wink:
Bless you Matilda Jane X

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Re: Matilda reunited with Fergus.

Post by suebedo » 18 Jan 2015, 19:36

Matilda, RIP and keep all those four legged naughties in line at the bridge. Fergus has been waiting for you xx

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Re: Matilda reunited with Fergus.

Post by Bren » 18 Jan 2015, 19:46

Oh bless together on rainbow bridge. R.I.P.


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Re: Matilda reunited with Fergus.

Post by Masil » 18 Jan 2015, 20:44

Oh Linny, I'm so sorry to hear about Matilda. How lucky that you rescued her all those years ago and had so many years together. I'm sure that Matilda is now reunited with Fergus and Huggy xx

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Re: Matilda reunited with Fergus.

Post by Ianto! » 19 Jan 2015, 15:20

I'm sure that Matilda has thanked you many times over in her long life for saving her, linny. She must have heard Fergus calling to her and knew it was time to leave... No matter how long our furry friends stay, it's never long enough for us, and it's heart-wrenching to have to say Goodbye. Farewell, Matilda Jane... keep an eye on Huggy for linny...
Thinking of you,
Anne & Ianto xxx

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Re: Matilda reunited with Fergus.

Post by MandyG » 20 Jan 2015, 10:46

I'm so sorry Linny, it's never easy, no matter how long their life is. In a way, it's a happy story - you literally gave her life and she repaid you with 20 years of love. Warm thoughts from Phoebe and me.

Love and licks, Phoebe and Mandy

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