Frodo - Gone too soon - 31.07.2020

For remembering our beloved friends who await us at the Rainbow Bridge
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Frodo - Gone too soon - 31.07.2020

Post by stidds » 06 Aug 2020, 16:29

It is with a broken heart I have to inform that my incredible and beautiful boy Frodo passed away last Friday 31 July 2020 at 8pm.

He was 11 years old and we were recently informed that he had both thyroid and lung cancer and 3 weeks later we had to make the horrible decision to let him go, as he went downhill so fast.

He passed away very quietly and bravely at home and both Jo and I were there until as he took his very last breath, I was actually cuddling him as he breathed his last and his heart stopped. I always promised him that I would be with him until the very end and I am so glad that I was able to keep that promise.

Our hearts and lives will never be the same again.

RIP Frodo, run free over the rainbow bridge, I love you forever.

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Re: Frodo - Gone too soon - 31.07.2020

Post by AnnaB » 09 Aug 2020, 07:28

I'm so very sorry to read your sad news, it always seems so very unfair that our special friends have to leave us after so few years here on earth. But I also believe that their spirits always remain close by to those who have loved them in the past. It is nearly six years since I lost my sweet M and I still miss her every day. But some months after her passing she left me a sign that she was still close by. I was about to move into my new barn conversion here at the farm. I had left everything ready for the 'move in' the following day and when I arrived the next morning there was a white feather on the floor in the middle of the living room. With all the doors and windows firmly shut there was no way a feather could have entered. Since then I have found several white feathers in unexpected places and have quite a collection of them, I always smile and say thank you when a new one appears. So keep watching for little signs as the days and months go passed as I'm sure that Frodo will let you know that he is still close by and keeping watch over you all. My heartfelt sympathies to you all at this very sad time. xx

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Re: Frodo - Gone too soon - 31.07.2020

Post by linny » 07 Sep 2020, 12:55

Have only now seen you sad news :cry:
Such a heartbreaking time for you all... sending a huge hug.
Run free dear Frodo across the bridge xx

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