Poppy back from her Speying

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Re: Poppy back from her Speying

Post by JeanG » 15 May 2013, 10:34

I did a very similar thing with Bella, used a t-shirt, one of the long vest type ones, and a nappy pin to stop it riding up. Looked ridiculous but it did the job. I couldn't bear looking at her miserable face with a cone on! :cry:


Doesn't look at all impressed, does she? :lol:

And the nappy pin:


Hope Poppy's up and bouncing very soon xxx
Jean & Bella xxx

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Re: Poppy back from her Speying

Post by LouisaSavage » 15 May 2013, 10:41

Poor Poppy looks very snug and warm! I was a nightmare when my baby came home from being speyed and sat there crying whenever I looked at her.

I was prepared though and had got her a comfypaws cone http://www.allfourpaws.com/ - Much comfier and nicer for her to wear than a horrible plastic e-cone. It also stopped my legs from being covered in bruises!

You will be surprised how quickly it's all forgotten though.


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Re: Poppy back from her Speying

Post by iwantadog » 15 May 2013, 18:26

So glad she is home and on the mend.


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Re: Poppy back from her Speying

Post by Lexi » 15 May 2013, 20:33

Aw, poor Poppy. I do hope she is feeling better today

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Re: Poppy back from her Speying

Post by MandyG » 15 May 2013, 21:33

When Phoebe is spayed next month, I was thinking about using the doggie diapers I got when she was in season instead of a collar.

Love and licks, Phoebe and Mandy

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Re: Poppy back from her Speying

Post by eileenandmolly » 15 May 2013, 21:37

Aw poor Pops :( Hope she'll be feeling tons better tomorrow xx
Ei, Molly and Saffie

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