Is there a TV programme your doodle doesn't like you watchin

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Is there a TV programme your doodle doesn't like you watchin

Post by marymuffin » 04 Sep 2014, 08:41

Dexter doesn't like us watching Bake Off ! Every toy gets brought ,thrust at us ,shaken in front of us, then he will sit and give us his paw and whine, then his head will be put in lap with sad sorrowful eyes. Now this is the dog who likes to go bed at 8.30 most evenings but not Bake Off night, oh no, but directly the music starts for the end and he is flat out on the floor asleep! Nearly all other programmes are ignored just Bake off . Does anyone else have other programmes that produce a different than the norm response from your dood? Just thought it would be interesting to know thats all. H and D

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Re: Is there a TV programme your doodle doesn't like you wat

Post by Lizzie-Lou » 04 Sep 2014, 10:59

Lizzie always barks like crazy at dogs, horses, gorillas, meerkats, well animals in general on the television. Sometimes she will try to look over the sideboard and behind the television to see if they are there, then she thinks they might be outside, so she jumps up and barks at the window. Haha, she could star in one of those problem dog programmes!

My Mum likes to watch bowls, as does Lizzie. She sits on the sofa and when the player throws the ball, she runs towards the screen and watches it go round and round until it lands, then she pokes the screen with her nose - every time. She then returns to her prime viewing spot on the sofa next to Mum, and we go through it all again! She always looks at Mum as if to say "haven't I done well?" and expects her to give her a quick pat.

If she sees anyone pick up the remote control for the television, she will watch them press the button then look at the screen and see what's happened. She is very interested in cause and effect, it seems!

She also likes to watch the iPad screen if anyone is playing a computer game! She doesn't try to get their attention, she just snuggles onto their lap and watches the game!

She's such a character - she makes me laugh every day!

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Re: Is there a TV programme your doodle doesn't like you wat

Post by campfaz18 » 04 Sep 2014, 19:02

Our dear departed cat Mitchel used to enjoy snooker and would watch the screen and try and pat the balls as they were being potted. Another DD cat was partial to football and would jump up at the screen to tap the ball, always the ball never a player running for example.

Jacob is interested in dogs on the tele and other animals sometimes. Perhaps you could V+ Bake Off and see if he just has a favouring for Mary Berry or whether its the time of day :D
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Re: Is there a TV programme your doodle doesn't like you wat

Post by Oscar2011 » 04 Sep 2014, 19:35

Oscar seems to hate watching England play football on TV at present, we are actually able to spot him getting increasingly bored whilst watching it :roll: :roll: . I am so sure that Oscar would be more skilled at pinching the ball from the oponent and then keeping it, than many of the England players :lol: :lol: :lol: .

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