Jacarties Siblings Born 09/01/2016

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Doodle Mummy
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Jacarties Siblings Born 09/01/2016

Post by Doodle Mummy » 15 Nov 2016, 20:10

Hi there,
If anyone has siblings from this year's Jacarties litter, born to Lexi and Rolo we'd love to hear from you! We have Bungle, one of the two boys in the litter who we love to bits!

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Re: Jacarties Siblings Born 09/01/2016

Post by Oscar2011 » 16 Nov 2016, 20:28


Can't help with your request, but we have a Jacarties Labradoodle too. We have Oscar who's Father is Jacarties Bear.

Good Luck,

Oscar & hoomans.

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