Sailing Doods - update

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Sailing Doods - update

Post by Jasper » 25 Sep 2013, 12:35

We're back! :lol:
Nobody fell in! :lol:
It has been considered a successful weekend by all crew i.e. mum, daughter and me; and even by the Captain (my dad - who was a tad apprehensive).
We used shore pontoons all weekend, to avoid the dinghy/ water taxi. It took two of us to lift and transfer the 33kg Jasper onto and off the boat over the guard rail. Dad is now considering a removable platform/ramp configuration off the stern, bless him.
Jasper was as good as gold; he slept in the saloon when we were underway which meant I could keep a relaxed eye on him but enjoy the sailing.
At the Folly Inn he was adored by everyone (in the usual doodle fashion!) to the point where the Commodore's wife was on her hands and knees under the table cuddling him. Later on in the evening he was on his back in the restaurant with one person on each paw getting his tummy and ears tickled. TART!
There was no wind on the return sail so it was motoring all the way :( on a flat sea and he came out into the cockpit to have a look round a couple of times.
We had plenty of lovely off lead walks up and down the Medina which no doubt helped him relax.
To top it all off, he did not pinch a single item; and he had a lot of temptation what with gloves, sun hats, woolly hats, sunglasses etc..... this may not last if he where to get used to it (i.e. bored)!!!! :lol: :lol:
I love my dood.
I have a couple of pictures, which I will endeavour to post.

Kind regards

Jo and Jasper

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Re: Sailing Doods - update

Post by linny » 25 Sep 2013, 18:39

:) So pleased to read that you all enjoyed your trip and that Jasper had a wonderful time :)
Looking forward to seeing your pics.

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