Trips to Ireland

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Re: Trips to Ireland

Post by iwantadog » 03 Nov 2014, 17:42

Well we're back. We've had a brilliant week and Murphy has been as good as gold.

Everyone was right about Ireland not being dog friendly, but people were also very apologetic about it. We did find two pubs that accepted dogs, one in a place called Kenmore, they had an undercover smoking area with heaters and we were able to sit in there to eat (not perfect, but better than leaving Murph in the car), and another in Tramore where he was actually allowed in the pub. Other than this we had to sit outside with him or leave him in the car.

We discovered how happy he was in the car, there was only the two of us, so we dropped the back seats down and left the parcel shelf in, so he could settle down in a dark area, a bit like his crate. He jumped in every time we opened the door!!

My vet told me I needed a passport for him, but I didn't, nobody questioned us about him at all at the port, we left him in the car for the crossing, as he knows it, I didn't want to stress him out by putting him in the kennels.

Murphy also discovered hares this week! He managed to chase a few, although he wasn't quick enough to catch them.

We also had to laugh, as we heard one couple walk past us and say 'oh look, it's one of those fancy show dogs'! No idea what fancy show dog they meant, but it made us giggle!!


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