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Lost her bounce!

Posted: 24 Feb 2015, 19:58
by Jay128
We arrived home on Sunday evening to a clean and tidy house, despite a few days away and out youngest having a friend over to stay for two nights. :shock: Poppy doodle was very subdued and not very bouncy at all. :shock:
When we had eventually unpacked and sat down she came up onto my knee and I suddenly realized I had a hot water bottle dog on my knee. Her nose was dripping wet and she was very hot. She was given a lot of cuddles and eventually put to bed. She ate her breakfast the next day but was still a little quiet. I have come in tonight to find she has her bounce back and she is running around like a mad thing.
Is it possible for our doodles just to have a bit of a chill like us? She is fine now, no temperature or runny nose so I am just hoping it doesn't return but I am keeping an eye on her just in case she does need a rip to the vets.

Re: Lost her bounce!

Posted: 25 Feb 2015, 00:41
by Bid
Poor Poppy! I've no idea if they can get a chill, but that sounds like what she had doesn't it! I hope she carries on feeling better :D