Returning a pup to breeder

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Jess' Mum
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Returning a pup to breeder

Post by Jess' Mum » 24 Feb 2015, 21:50

What is the usual practice for returning a pup to the breeder you bought it from? My neighbour bought a yellow Labrador from a breeder he paid £850 for it. He bought it for his 10 year old daughter who has been very ill thinking it would help her recovery. But he soon realised (within a week) that it was a bad idea and decided it would be best to return the pup to the breeder who had said they would take it back if there were problems. When he contacted the breeder however although they were willing to take the pup back they would not give my neighbour any of his money back. I thought if a breeder was worried about the pup being passed on they would at least return some of his money rather than the pup being given to someone they had not met. They don't sound like responsible breeders. Fortunately my neighbour re homed the pup with a friend.

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Re: Returning a pup to breeder

Post by Bid » 25 Feb 2015, 00:39

How sad :-( I don't suppose there is a usual practice as it doesn't happen often - the only time I have returned a pup I received a full refund, but I couldn't say if that is normal. Maybe it depends on the reason for the return - in my case the puppy had a health problem which meant it was not going to thrive living with other dogs. I hate to think of dogs as things, but in that case she would have been "faulty goods" - it may make a difference with respect to buyers rights.
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Re: Returning a pup to breeder

Post by Ianto! » 25 Feb 2015, 01:07

Just looking at it from the breeder's point of view.... I think agreeing to take a pup back should there be any problems isn't the same as agreeing to give a full refund if someone then decides they don't actually want a puppy after all. The breeder would be left with a pup which they then would need to try and place with a new family. (Perhaps if they had been able to re-home the returned puppy, the breeder might have been able to refund some of your neighbour's money?)

You could look at it the other way and say, your neighbour should be happy that the puppy would be taken back by the breeder and not have his money refunded, as long as the pup was safe... It's a question of whether he is more concerned about the pup's welfare, or his money.

I'm not saying that either was right or wrong, just putting another point of view.

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Re: Returning a pup to breeder

Post by dexysback » 25 Feb 2015, 10:32

My breader made me sign to say I would give back,but a few months later I phoned her to ask her something and she had changed number,.So that's a waste of time and not all breaders but I think some just want to sell again to make more money .I t makes you think that's why its important to make sure its the right decision to get a dog in first place .My daughters friend as got a dobermn pup and its only few months and she said hes to much trouble and might have to get rid ,people have small pups and then when they start playing up and making a mess then they get rid.IM so gld its a happy ending for your neibour least he knows where he is.

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