Hello, new Doodle mummy!

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Hello, new Doodle mummy!

Post by Didi38 » 22 Jun 2012, 17:05

Hello everyone,

I have just found this site and joined as I have got myself a Labradoodle!, his name is Charlie and he is black and wavy (at the mo) I also have 2 children aged 10 and 8 and a hubby.

We got our little puppy last week and he is fab! he is able to sit on command already and has no accidents when left when I have to work. He doesn't cry at night anymore, happily puts himself to bed at around 10.30pm and I get up at 5am to check him and he has had accidents one night so far!

The only bad thing is his biting, it really really hurts us, especially the boys, they hate it. He bit my arm and peirced the skin!!!! I will crack training him not to do it though, just takes time I guess and he has done so well I can't complain at all :)

Looking forward to hearing from some of you soon to share Doodle stories with 8)


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Re: Hello, new Doodle mummy!

Post by nicollf » 22 Jun 2012, 17:10

Welcome! I hope we'll be seeing pictures of Charlie soon. The biting is awful but it passes. We managed to get through this stage by yelping really loudly and ignoring Lottie when she did this and it worked to a degree, however, as soon as she got her adult teeth it seemed to stop anyway!!

I'm sure you will get lots of good advice from other members of the forum.

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Re: Hello, new Doodle mummy!

Post by elainendexter » 22 Jun 2012, 17:14

welcome to the forum ,sounds like a very clever pup ,you must be very pleased with him .Dexter was a good pup aswell no trouble he didnt even bite,but you will soon get him out of that with a bit of time ,have lots of fun with him cause they grow up so quick.
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Re: Hello, new Doodle mummy!

Post by Oscar2011 » 22 Jun 2012, 17:37


Welcome, we had the same with Oscar, He used to go for our ankles and try and hang off of them it too was painful :( and the children didn't like it. We coped by not making a fuss, ignoring him and leaving the room. But like Fiona said, it does pass and they only seem to do it whilst they have their baby teeth. Good luck :D .Hope to see photos soon :) .


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Re: Hello, new Doodle mummy!

Post by Bid » 22 Jun 2012, 17:55

Welcome from us too :D :D . Keep at the nipping training - Daisy was a biter as a pup too, and she now mouths to greet people which isn't particularly good :roll: , so it's worth persevering with it while he's tiny!
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Re: Hello, new Doodle mummy!

Post by justinwest » 22 Jun 2012, 18:46

welcome to the site, thank you for obeying the unwritten rule that every child should grow up with a dog in the house! they are going to have a awesome time! i have two kids also!! and a doodle (obviously!!!!)
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Re: Hello, new Doodle mummy!

Post by CreativeGenie » 22 Jun 2012, 18:48

Hello and welcome to you, family and of course Charlie

You will find this site to be invaluable, we certainly have!

Cleo is definatley still a biter but this week she has got ALOT better, and the one thing that seems to be working is 'time out'. As soon as she starts to nip we put her out side of the room. We start with 10seconds, and gradually make it longer if we need to repeat the discipline. Longest we have need to do was 5mins but she always seems to come back in the room, tail between her legs, ears back and so much calmer ... She knows she done wrong.

We have a 2yr old neice who gets excited around Cleo and her hands start flapping around. Cleo sees her hands and thinks "oooo, new toy" and so bites at them. We are desperate not to let our neice become scared of dogs, and keen to stop Cleo nipping her, so he have taught our neice that she is only playing, and to walk around with her hands on her head.
The result ... A 2yr old that walks around everywhere with her hands on her head, still excited to come visit and a dog that doesnt bite her.


The key to anything is persistance. The biting phase will pass, and then its onto the next challenge, for us ... Keeping Cleo off the furniture!
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Re: Hello, new Doodle mummy!

Post by pamela1 » 22 Jun 2012, 19:33

We have just brought our chocolate girl home on Tuesday, she is nearly 10 weeks old and is gorgeous. She has been biting since we brought her home, however, we went for our first puppy check this morning and the vet suggested yelping very loudly and high pitched. IT WORKS , hopefully it will continue. I don't know how old your doodle is but its really good that it goes into the crate happily. That is the only thing at present that our doodle is having problems with. When we get her in!! she sleeps after whining a little, but still when we take her out for a wee in the night she whines or howles a few times when we put her back in. We are hoping it is going to work itself out soon. She is only 9 weeks old after all.
Anyway, good luck, you get a lot of help and advice from this website, its brilliant

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Re: Hello, new Doodle mummy!

Post by Daise1970 » 22 Jun 2012, 20:36

Welcome Didi, family and Charlie and a big welcome to the forum from us too :P
Daise, Gracie & Maddie xxx

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Re: Hello, new Doodle mummy!

Post by pixie's mum » 22 Jun 2012, 20:42

Hello didi and Charlie and hooman family too
Kids and doodles go very well together - especially after the bitey stage.
you are in for a lot of fun and charlie will keep you laughing with his antics - can't wait for your first tales of the infamous doodle-dash !! nuff said

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Re: Hello, new Doodle mummy!

Post by Glenda » 22 Jun 2012, 21:00

Hi to you and your family and, of course, Charlie :D

We found that crying out loudly worked for us when they nipped as youngsters and, if needed, time out as well.


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Re: Hello, new Doodle mummy!

Post by Zetti Doodle » 22 Jun 2012, 23:09

Hi Didi, Charlie and family......welcome from us too :D

Charlie sounds gorgeous - and very good with his night-time routine.......can't wait to see some pics :D

Rossetti is five months and has always nipped a bit :roll: although he's very good in every other respect. He seems to do it more to me as I tend to wear long, flowing clothes :lol: He's currently teething quite badly and the nipping has been worse - although more gummy than bitey :lol: - this week alone we've found three baby teeth! I'm hoping that as the others have said it will get better once he has his full set of adult teeth, but in the meantime we also do the high-pitched yelping and timeouts :wink: You've just got to persevere and it will hopefully come right in the end!
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Re: Hello, new Doodle mummy!

Post by Alfieandlindsey » 22 Jun 2012, 23:20

Big welcome from me and Alfie....... I remember the nipping stage - ouch!!!! Alfie still mouths when he excited (like bids daise) and he is 18 months old - very annoying, but doesn't hurt!

Oh and love the choice of name!!! (I have a human son who is Charlie! Or chaz, chazza, or most recently we have decided he should be named 'in a minute charlie' as that's the response we seem to get all the time! Although the cheeky so n so said my name should be 'Lindsey on labradoodle forum.com!!). :oops:

Anyway, welcome from us and enjoy the ride of doodle ownership! X

Lindsey and Alfie x

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Re: Hello, new Doodle mummy!

Post by Maggie111 » 23 Jun 2012, 00:01

Hi Didi, it sounds like you're all doing really well for one week! the biting sounds a bit of a pain though, literally. I'm sure he'll grow out of it but do be extra vigilent. Don't let a nibble go by without correcting him or it will get worse - when he starts teething he'll get bitier and then he'll grow his big boy teeth... Ouch!

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Re: Hello, new Doodle mummy!

Post by Didi38 » 23 Jun 2012, 13:52

Thanks everyone for the welcomes.

I loved looking at everyone's Doodle pics, I will post some as soon as I work out how!

This weekend we are Charlie proofing the house and garden, he has been very good when left but still wouldn't trust him EVER!! Haha. We have just put cupboard locks on in the kitchen (where he is left) just in case he gets into the bleach etc!!!! We had to do the garden too, put some wire around my plants etc as he liked those very much!


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