Emily still nipping

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Re: Emily still nipping

Post by Ianto! » 18 Apr 2016, 20:21

How is she doing now, Gillian? If our Ianto is anything to go by, it can take a long time.... but he is brilliant now, even though I used to be close to despair in the early days.
I would continue with Time Outs - she doesn't have to be in her crate, just apart from the family - for a few minutes then bring her back in. If she does it again, out again.
These problems do seem huge at the time, but looking back, I can't really remember when he stopped...
Anne, Ianto & Wyre x

Emily doodle
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Re: Emily still nipping

Post by Emily doodle » 18 Apr 2016, 22:18


Thanks for your reply. Yeah I think I'm on the despairing some days phase lol..only one out of tge three kids been in tears today so I guess today has not been so bad.

I met a lady at the park who suggested a water spray. Not sure what your thoughts are??

The trainer is coming on thursday again and we start puppy class next week. Everyone says it will get better so we are just holding onto that.

Gillian and emily

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Re: Emily still nipping

Post by Bid » 19 Apr 2016, 08:09

I would stick to positive training methods really - the trouble with a water spray or a rattle can is that they startle the pup so at first that works, but the problem is that after a while your pup can start to try and stop the water or rattling as they are unpleasant and that can lead to aggression in a perfectly friendly happy pup. Also, it is much better to make training a fun thing for your pup, and for her to grow up knowing that only good things come from your hands - reward based training is much better for the long term bond between you and her.
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Re: Emily still nipping

Post by suzi23173 » 19 Apr 2016, 08:59

I agree with Bid.
I had a trainer come and when she arrived, as Tess was trying to greet her, as any pup or friendly dog would, she took out a washing up bottle of water and soaked her, before I had been asked if I agreed to it.
She insisted it would work but it just made Tess really angry and upset (she didn't growl or do anything aggressive) but you could see that she was upset. Then she just went even more loopy and decided it was great fun.
It's the same principal as pushing down their tongue when they bite- if they do something you don't like, something horrid happens.

I just watched her doing it and saw it didn't work and thought it wasn't an intelligent way to deal with an intelligent animal. The idea is you do it at the split second they misbehave and that they don't see you so it's like a nasty surprise that they associate with the action, not with you.
So if you're playing with her, how do you do it?
If it's your kids, how can it be a method they can use? You could hide behind the door and squirt her from behind. Not very practical.
For me it's better to show her what you do want her to do, how you do like to play. -don't bite me, bite this. I won't play if you bite me, you bite because you're tired- off to bed, time to calm down etc
Doodles are so clever- you can teach them so much that you will feel like they speak English. Teaching her "no bite!", "calm down" , "off !" with positive outcomes (praise, treats, play etc) when she capitulates is far better than soaking her. You end up with a dog you can have a conversation with, not a wet smelly one!
She will get it and hopefully in the next few weeks. As Anne said it was so horrible at the time but now I can't remember when it stopped but I think around 16 weeks, longer for my husband because he wasn't consistent.
I know how it feels to be willing to try anything but it shouldn't be too long now- a matter of weeks, before she grows out of it. Xx
Suzi and Tess.

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Re: Emily still nipping

Post by Ianto! » 20 Apr 2016, 00:26

I agree with Bid and Suzi - I wouldn't use the spray (not saying that I haven't used the 'soaking' technique on the neighbour's cat, but that just ensured that it never came back... :roll: ) Hang in there, it won't be too long now.
It's like the 'rattle bottle', it shocks them - but I don't like the idea of making any creature behave because you've frightened them. We're having problems with our little dood at the moment because he's really nervous, and you really don't want a frightened dood. She will grow up and become confident, and the best dog you've ever known... and the children will forget what she was like, believe me. Our Yorkie used to bite our little boy's toes when we first had her, but he grew up with her and loved her to pieces....
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Doodle Dee
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Re: Emily still nipping

Post by Doodle Dee » 20 Apr 2016, 07:58

I agree. I was exhasperated With Lulu and her jumping up, especially children. I knew I had some little ones who are scared of dogs coming round. They had just started enjoying Lulu but each time they came round we had to start all over again with the kids cos of lulus jumping. I got a pet spray. It certainly worked. I only used it twice and Lulu didn't jump. I stopped using it cos it certainly frightened her (not startled). She still jumped (unless she saw this spray). Yesterday she was jumping really badly on someone at the door and I picked up the spray. Didn't use it but she skulked to her bed! Now she hadn't seen this for over 6 months! But she remembered. It was awful. So proof of the fear

So it is back to the treats and trying to make her sit on her bed when someone comes in or put her on the leAd!!
Lulu & Dx


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