If you would like to, we invite you to post a short introduction about yourself and your interest in Labradoodles.
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Post by KPear » 13 Jan 2017, 15:31

Hi everyone... we're thinking of getting a labradoodle this year as we think this will be the thing that will complete our little family; we also thought it'd be nice for our baby to have a companion to grow up alongside, as I absolutely adored being surrounded by animals as a child. So yeah, just here to get some advice on stuff about the breed. Thanks!

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Re: Hi

Post by Bid » 14 Jan 2017, 00:13

Welcome! What sort of thing do you want to know?
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Re: Hi

Post by Ianto! » 14 Jan 2017, 23:43

Hi KPear,
Here is a link to a really good website with lots of information about doodles -
Have a good read about the myths surrounding the breed and tips about how to ensure you've found a good breeder, etc.

They are an active and very intelligent dog, many of them need lots of exercise (after the first year) and can easily get into mischief (or trouble!) - believe me, I know, one of mine is a total character! (And very lovable)

If you are remotely house-proud, like to wear white trousers or leave things lying around, maybe a doodle isn't for you.... :roll: You need to have time to spare to devote to training your dood and keeping him or her exercised. You need to be aware that some of them can be little bitey-machines when they are pups, and some can take an age to house-train.

If you have allergies, you need to think twice about them because there's a lot of rubbish talked about them being 'hypoallergenic' or not moulting... There are doods out there who shed very little, but there are also doods who shed for England/Scotland/Wales/Northern Ireland.... whatever.

You really do need to do your research and find a reliable breeder - one who will take an interest in you and your doodle, who would be willing to take the dog back should any problems occur in future, who has ensured that both dam and sire have been properly health-tested (and hopefully previous generations too) - not someone who just fancies using their bitch to produce a litter of lucrative puppies, or even worse, someone posing as a reputable breeder but is actually what is known as a puppy-farmer...

If you let us know what specific queries you have, as Bid has said, the members of this forum will be happy to help you out -

Anne, Ianto & Wyre x

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