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Post by Caroliner » 14 Feb 2017, 12:17

Good morning, this is my first visit to the forum and am wondering if you all have any advise for a first time labradoodle mum. I am due to pick up my new little girl 2 weeks tomorrow when she will be 8.5 weeks old. She is a F1 with her biological mum a lab and her dad a standard poodle. I have had other dog breeds before, but due to having a family with 3 children (one with special needs) the temperament of this breed seems ideal. We have a short list of 3 names, Sophie, Charlotte or Nancy. Any advice or pointers would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks

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Post by We5Kings » 14 Feb 2017, 12:37

Welcome! It's v exciting getting a new pup!
If I were you I'd have a good look on the forum here. There are lots of previous threads on new pups and what to expect. Although to be honest, once your pup arrives you will have loads of questions relating to her particular needs! And get as much sleep as you can, puppies are just as exhausting as new babies!
My top tip is regarding house training: be prepared to take her out to the garden a lot... every hour or more. And we have always taken a pup out for a wee during the night. This is optional of course. I think it gets them housetrained quicker. But I don't crate so it's necessary.
Also try to get the children to give the pup some space and time-out to sleep. As you know, they sleep a lot and children can get very excitable!
Good luck,Anny and Dude

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Post by Doodle Dee » 15 Feb 2017, 07:26

Something you don't often heAr about is that pups can get snappy and excited when they are tired! It doesn't make sense but it's true. So just make the children Know that pups do require lots of sleep.

Also remain constant when training, it's more helpful

All learned my having a pup

Lots of luck
Lulu & Dx


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Re: Hello

Post by Woobie » 15 Feb 2017, 09:59

Hi & welcome!
We got our first Doodle in August at 8 weeks. The couple of weeks before were so exciting your house must be brining with smiles!
When we got Woody home we were very careful to let him sleep / chill away from us, without pestering him every few minutes, or giving him strokes / cuddles constantly. It paid off immensely as he became confident to be without us for short periods without threating. This certainly helped with him going to bed of a night & not making noise.
We too got up in the night several times for toilet time. We started at 1.5 hrs for the first few days, then gradually extended the time as he got older. ( searching on the Internet can give an indication of how long their bladders can last at what age.) we intended to crate, but Woody really didn't like it, so we put it away.) his toilet training went really well. (But on occasions we lost track of time, & there would be an accident which really was down to us. :oops: ) Simple Solution stain & Odour remover spray was brilliant.
The last thing I would say ( or else I'd go on forever) is to remember that with a standard Poodle dad, she may be quite big (Woody is). Therefore, if she gets used to cuddles on the sofa when small, she'll expect it when she's bigger. Woody is a terror for wanting to sit on my lap (& that's because he sees the cat doing it - we didn't have him up there much as a pup). As a 24kg 8 month pup, he certainly takes up a bit of room!

I have learned so much from this site, it's fantastic.
Good luck & I can't wait to hear all about your little one when she arrives!

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