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Introducing Stanley

Posted: 02 Mar 2018, 16:25
by Owned By Stanley
My name is Sally and I have a double choc mini labradoodle called Stanley. He’s 14 weeks old and think he’s gonna stay pretty small as is currently weighing in at just under 4 kilos. His mum is a chocolate miniature labradoodle and his dad is a chocolate miniature poodle. Stanley is quite a character (dog trainer says he’s cocky) VERY confident and boisterous, always hungry, loves cuddling and antagonising our 6 year old miniature schnauzer Pip! Along with my husband and two grown up kids I live on the beautiful south coast, near the beach in East Sussex.
Looking forward to sharing experiences and getting advice as Stan is our first doodle and we absolutely love the little devil!

I am doing this from my phone and have no idea how to upload a photo although I’d like to show you my handsome boy! Any advice how, gratefully received. :D

Re: Introducing Stanley

Posted: 03 Mar 2018, 12:56
by susiet
Welcome Sally and Stanley! Looking forward to hearing all about his antics over the next few weeks and months! :lol:

Welcome to our mad world of Doodles! We love 'em!


Re: Introducing Stanley

Posted: 04 Mar 2018, 22:34
by linny
:) welcome from me too :D
Love the name Stanley!.... I'm sure he will bring you loads of fun.
Doodles are always the comedian so I'm sure that Stanley will live up to his name.
One of mine is called Jethro and he lives up to his name. :roll: