Hello from Hugo and me from Nottingham

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Hello from Hugo and me from Nottingham

Post by Hugo123 » 22 Mar 2018, 16:16

Hi All, first time puppy (dog) owner in Nottingham. We are the proud owners of Hugo (4 months old) who is a straight haired labrdoodle/goldendoodle? Not 100% sure as his mum was a golden retriever and dad was a mini poodle.

He's a wonderful first dog as he's very friendly. Looking for advice and tips on how to enhance our relationship.

First question is how common are straight haired labra/golden doodles? and do they typically keep the straight hair into adulthood?

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Re: Hello from Hugo and me from Nottingham

Post by linny » 23 Mar 2018, 17:27

:D Hello and welcome :D
Your Golden doodle will more than likely keep the same coat with feathering around his face and perhaps his legs.
He is a lovely cross and those I know personally are all intelligent biddable dogs.
Love his name!
Do post more pics ....if you can figure out how to do it .....(I can't : :oops: )

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Re: Hello from Hugo and me from Nottingham

Post by Pollydoodle » 23 Mar 2018, 18:55

Hellooo Huuugooo, Hugo, what a fun name I like that. :D
Welcome to you all. My girl started off fairly smooth with bit of a wave in coat. Today I often say her coat looks like an exploded sheep. Have to wait and see with Hugo, quite possible he’ll be like Linny said too.

Enhancing relations , I’d say treat him fairly and kindly. Keep ‘training ‘ short and fun. He is not a robot and we sometimes forget with old language of commands etc. When you tell (ask) him to sit let him make the choice rather than pushing his backside down. Things like this I believe make a difference. Do as much training now as by 6 or 9 months they get a bit braver and start to ignore you or better put something else in his surrounds is more interesting or fun than you ( in his eyes :wink: )!
Enjoy and take loads of photos as they grow so quickly.

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Re: Hello from Hugo and me from Nottingham

Post by Ianto! » 13 Apr 2018, 19:28

Hi Hugo123,

Sorry I'm late in welcoming you... If you are interested in meeting up with other Doodles (of all shapes and sizes!) there is an East Midlands Doodle Meet group - we have Meets in various places, but the closest ones to you will probably be the Bestwood or Elvaston Country Park ones... There are also get togethers at Pleasley, East Carlton and various venues in Northamptonshire. You can find us on FaceBook... (and when I can find the time, I have been known to post details of them in the M.E.S.S. section here too :wink: )
Hope to see you at Meet soon -

Anne, Ianto & Wyre xx

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