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Post by chillidog » 18 May 2020, 13:24

Good afternoon,

I am a new member - our family has brought home an F1 Labradoodle Puppy who we have called Memphis. He is 10 weeks old. Settling in well.

Currently he is sitting when instructed, giving paws when instructed.

Next step is lead training around the garden prior to his 2nd vaccinations on 28th May and before we can take him out for a walk in early June.

Hard work but worthwhile. He has a digging habbit in the garden and would welcome any advice to stop him from doing this?


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Post by AnnaB » 22 May 2020, 10:19

Hi Chillidog and welcome to you, your family and to Memphis (love the name by the way!). Your 'fun' life is about to begin - there is nothing like a doodle to bring laughter to normal everyday activities (and sometimes frustration as well lol!) Not sure I can help with the digging, he is very young yet and sending earth, stones etc in all directions seems to please and excite the little ones. It is probably just a phase - there are many of these over the years - and he may grow out of it soon. Perhaps the distraction of another toy would help.
It has been very quiet on here for sometime, especially lately, but hopefully some of the regulars will appear soon to welcome you all aboard. Do keep posting updates as we do love to hear all about new pups. And above all enjoy your boy, they are very special and make marvellous family faithful friends. All the best.

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