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How much to feed?

Posted: 27 Mar 2015, 16:51
by Coco
This might sound a silly question but I'm not sure if I'm feeding Coco the correct amount.

I'm feeding her Nutriment puppy food and it says on the carton to feed 4-6% of ideal weight. I took this to mean her actual weight (assuming it is healthy, which I think it is) but when I tried googling to confirm I found someone saying (about another food) that it should based on ideal adult weight. If this is the case I've not been feeding enough.

She is full of life and energy but does wolf her food down in no time and is always ready for treats etc (when I say treats I just give her bits of Eden dry kibble so it's healthy stuff).

The breeder said to give her 80g of Royal Canin three times a day and I'm giving her about 85g of Nutriment three times a day.

Could someone please clarify - I hate to think I've been under feeding her. :(

Re: How much to feed?

Posted: 27 Mar 2015, 17:03
by Coco
Well no, that can't be right because that would be 900g a day! So it must be ideal weight for age, but how do I know what that should be?

She's put on 300g in almost 3 weeks - is that about right?

Re: How much to feed?

Posted: 27 Mar 2015, 17:52
by stout
The natural instinct website says 5-6% of a puppy's weight a day. I can't remember how old Coco is, Stout started on raw at 9 months and at that point we feed him the adult portion size.

Stout is 31kg, we feed him 500g a day (he was gaining weight and its easier to divide the kilo pack - he gets bones etc too!) spread over two meals. Natural instinct recommend 2-3% of their weight so we are diddling him out of a bit! His weight is really up and down, we think depending on how his belly is, so whether he is absorbing enough from the food.

Stout at his peak growth was putting on a kilo a week!!

Re: How much to feed?

Posted: 27 Mar 2015, 18:49
by Bid
The guidelines with raw food is that adults have 2-3% of their body weight, and puppies have up to 10% of their current body weight a day. The trouble with wqorking it out for puppies is that they have growth spurts so there isn't a definite rule. As long as she is happy & lively, poos are formed and not sloppy, she feels not too thin but not fat and is still growing then you've got it right!

I read a helpful guide the other day, that said make your hand into a fist and run your other fingers over your knuckles. If you dog's ribs feel like that then the dog is too thin. Open your hand out wide and run your fingers over the palm just below your fingers - if your dogs ribs feel like that your dog is overweight. Still with your hand wide open, run your fingers over your knuckles again - that is how the ribs should feel.

Re: How much to feed?

Posted: 28 Mar 2015, 00:02
by Ianto!
But doesn't that depend on whether we are at the ideal weight, Bid? :wink:
Anne, Ianto & Wyre x

Re: How much to feed?

Posted: 28 Mar 2015, 00:52
by Bid
Not really because you are always working within a range rather than a specific amount.

Re: How much to feed?

Posted: 28 Mar 2015, 15:48
by Coco
Thank you. The rib/knuckle test is good - she seems fine, plenty of energy, poos nice and firm so I guess she is fine. She just seems to be hungry all the time! I suppose if raw is up to 10% of body weight I could increase it a bit and keep an eye on things. She will be 13 weeks tomorrow.

I did read somewhere that you should try not to let them grow too rapidly as that can be a contributing factor to hip dysplasia so I suppose it's fine if she not putting masses of weight on?

Re: How much to feed?

Posted: 23 Jun 2015, 11:21
by rascalsmum
Hello Coco's mum
I am Rascal's Mum and your feeding regime is the same as ours. Rascal is 11.5 weeks old and when we brought him home from the breeder we had a big bag of Royal Canin and we were told to feed him 200g a day - so we split it into 3 meals and fed him 66g for each meal. The feeding guide on the pack indicates that it is based on what his expected adult weight will be - and we were told about 16kg. We stuck with this for the first 2 weeks - he didn't finish every meal and started to only graze on it every now and then - he certainly wasn't excited about it - and I was worried because I was told to take the bowl up after 10minutes but I couldn't do that incase he was still hungry. Luckily I spoke with a friend who has 2 cockerpoo's who are on the Raw Food Diet. I decided to try him on the complete Nutriment Puppy food and WOW!!! he is completely different with his eating - he loves it and I have to put a Kong in his bowl to stop him wolfing it down too quickly!! For the amounts - I decided to split 240g a day into 4 meals - so about 63g each - but then we started our treat reward training and I reduced his daily amount by 10g. However, when he went to the vet for his microchip last week I was told he weighed 4.4kg and is quite lean. The vet showed me how to do the rib test and also the spine - and told me not to worry about treating as long as it was healthy treats and to put him back up to 240g. I'm going to stick with this and then when he gets to 5kg put him up to 250g a day.
I hope this helps you - sometimes just discussing what others are doing is so helpful - and I want to thank everyone on the forum for all the good advice to new Doodle mums and dads. I haven't posted much yet - still up to my ears and eyes with coping with what is basically the same as having a baby around!! But I will as Rascal gets older. Hope Coco is doing well. :)