three meals down to two?

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three meals down to two?

Post by emski » 25 Jun 2015, 09:29

Hi everyone,

I've seen a post about dropping pup's meals from 4 to 3, but wondered at what age most of you dropped your doodles meals from 3 to 2?

I've got an 8 month old miniature aussie doodle and she'd happily have 5 meals a day I think if it was up to her!

Thanks :)

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Re: three meals down to two?

Post by linny » 25 Jun 2015, 09:37

emski wrote: she'd happily have 5 meals a day I think if it was up to her!
I can relate to the above ....Jethro would eat all day given the opportunity :roll:
I reduced down to two feeds a day at 5/6 months

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Re: three meals down to two?

Post by dexysback » 25 Jun 2015, 10:14

Dexter is 5 and still as three meals ,i tend to give him small meals rarther then one big meal ,cause he wants food all day if he could ,so this way suits him .But some dogs only want one meal it all depend on your dog.

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Re: three meals down to two?

Post by HenrytheTux » 25 Jun 2015, 11:32

Henry has two to three meals depending on his choice. We put food in his bowl in the morning, throw a duck neck or lamb spine or put more food it at lunch time, then dinner in the evening.
However, he often isn't interested so may eat breakfast for dinner, dinner for breakfast (meaning he'll have five meals over two days). I think we're closer to two a day with the bonus bones etc during the day, which he'll have a few times a week.
He's six months old and we're doing quite a bit of training with him, so it may be he's filling up on treats some days :shock:

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Re: three meals down to two?

Post by stout » 25 Jun 2015, 14:21

Stout has two meals a day, he started snoozing through lunchtime at about nine months :roll: , the one thing he likes only slightly less than food is sleep :lol: . When he has a bad tum we give him several small meals throughout the day, which he can cope with a lot better.

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Re: three meals down to two?

Post by Ianto! » 25 Jun 2015, 22:56

Oh Heavens! I'm not looking forward to introducing six month old mini aussie Wyre to the concept of two meals a day... :shock: I barely survived the hard stares when I dropped him from four to three!! :roll:
Anne, Ianto & Wyre x

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Re: three meals down to two?

Post by Sparks » 07 Jul 2015, 23:58

Daisy is down to 2 meals at 4 months. I can't remember if it was the vet or dog trainer who said it would be fine. She seems ok with it, although does get quite a lot of training treats in between.

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