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1 year old and not eating much anymore

Posted: 21 Oct 2015, 13:04
by emski
Hi all,

My miniature australilan labradoodle has just turned one. She gets 3 meals a day and is on the Orijen puppy food. She's always been super excited when it comes to food - to the point where she's hassling me at lunchtime if i'm a bit late for feeding her her lunch! And she's always wolfed her meals down without a problem.

For the last 4 weeks, she's drastically lost her appetite. Occasionally she'll eat a whole meal, but the majority of meals she's only eating around half, if that. And she normally takes half an hour to be interested in having a nibble after i've put the food on the floor - it's rare that she jumps on the food anymore. She just doesn't seem particularly interested in eating her food anymore!

Other than her loss of appetite, she's absolutely fine. She's bright, has plenty of energy, her toileting is normal - there are no other issues which give me cause for concern.

My question really is whether this sort of behaviour is normal as pups grow up? Do they normally lose their appetite like this? If I put yoghurt on her food, she's more interested in eating it - but I don't want to encourage fussy food behaviour (it was a test to see whether she genuinely was poorly for some reason or whether she's just not overly interested in the orijen food).

I wasn't sure whether it's perhaps best to think about reducing her meals to two a day? Or think about changing her food? Or perhaps just feed her less than I have been?!

I'm a first time dog owner so no idea whether this is the norm?!

Thanks xx

Re: 1 year old and not eating much anymore

Posted: 21 Oct 2015, 13:31
by Jolono
Hi there
I am sure someone more experienced than myself will answer you but maybe three meals a day is too much for her now and she only needs two? Or maybe as she is one now (no longer classed as a puppy) just one meal a day will do her

Re: 1 year old and not eating much anymore

Posted: 21 Oct 2015, 14:35
by annabell22
I too imagine that she should be down to 2 meals by now. The amount of food a puppy needs also drastically decreases when they reach around 12 months. Have you checked your feeding guide lately? Our pup is also a year old just recently and the amount recommended in the guide now is a lot less than he had before. She may also just becoming more relaxed around food or even a bit bored! Do you feed the same stuff for each meal? If so maybe try new things for her, I wouldnt want to eat the same dry stuff for every single meal!
As long as she is fine in every other way I would try not to worry, shes probably just not needing or wanting as much as she did in her puppy growth phases!

Re: 1 year old and not eating much anymore

Posted: 21 Oct 2015, 20:28
by Bid
As a miniature she is probably more or less fully grown by now, so shouldn't need as much food so I agree that 2 meals a day would be enough. Also perhaps look at changing over to adult food now. Is she losing weight at all? If so you will probably want to get her checked at the vet, but if she isn't losing weight and is still as active it is likely that she just doesn't need so much food now she isn't growing.

Re: 1 year old and not eating much anymore

Posted: 22 Oct 2015, 09:21
by emski
Yes, I'd agree that her weight has just about plateaued now so I wouldn't expect her to be growing really anymore. Although she looks like she could do with filling out a bit, which I guess will come with time.

I've not much of the puppy food left, so will look to swap over to adult food next.

And yes, I agree, just re-checked my feeding instructions and I should be reducing the quantity accordingly.

I'll try both of those and will get her onto 2 meals a day.

I'll keep an eye on her weight and if it does start going down, i'll get her to the vet, but sounds like she's just slowing down a little then.

Thank you :)

Re: 1 year old and not eating much anymore

Posted: 24 Oct 2015, 10:51
by Liz!!
I agree re 2 meals.

I also feed orijen, but add some 'soft' food with it.

Orijen is a brilliant food - but if you are feeding it every day, twice (or three times) with nothing else, it is bound to pall.

Dogs are mammals and built, like us, to enjoy all kinds of flavours and textures.

So we get two bags of Orijen - one chicken and fish, one wild red meat, and give one in the morning, one in the evening. She is 6.5 kg and gets a quarter cup of the Orijen and a strip of Nature's Menu, which you can get in loads of flavours - we get a mixed box and give her them on a rotational basis.

This way she gets different flavours and textures every single day.

I can't help feeling that when people say 'my dog is fussy' that in fact the poor dog is just yearning for a bit of variety.

She, too was a bit off her food at various times, but has been fine since this method.

We also give her a small bit of fish or any meat we happen to be eating that day, for further variety - and this hasn't made her refuse her food!

Have to say though, I suspect in the main your dog now only needs the two meals and is getting enough, they are very good regulators of themselves!

Edit to say - Lola is An Aussie mini, too.

Re: 1 year old and not eating much anymore

Posted: 26 Oct 2015, 13:10
by emski
Hi Liz,

Thanks for the info - you have very valid points there! That's what I'll do - I'll get the two types of Orijen and give her a bit of variety!

When you say a 'strip' of nature's menu, which product do you use?