8 month old cutting down on food

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8 month old cutting down on food

Post by ChrissyD » 20 Nov 2015, 09:41

My boy Luther is now 8 months old and we are coming into the Australian Summer so temperatures heating up. He has just started picking at his breakfast (only eating a small amount of it) but still eating his evening meal. Everything else completely normal but he has begun sleeping a fair bit during the day (comes to life about 8/9pm!). Is this normal? and is he just regulating his intake of puppy food? All replies gratefully accepted!!

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Re: 8 month old cutting down on food

Post by dexysback » 20 Nov 2015, 13:58

My dog is five and he still has 3 meals a day ,but i tend to give him more in evening and small meals in day time .But he is a greedy dog would eat all day if i let him.All dogs are different my sisters dog as a couple of biscuits in morning and only eats at tea time,so if he doesn't want it in day its fine go with the dog he will let you know.

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