Raw and Kibbles Feeding

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Raw and Kibbles Feeding

Post by Brooks13 » 03 Apr 2016, 13:04

Sorry to ask yet another question on the subject!

I have been doing some reading on raw feeding and I think it sounds brilliant. However, I would have a problem being able to raw feed for every meal. When we are about for meal times which will be 98% of the time it's fine but my mum, who will help out from time to time, would not touch it.

I understand how important it is to not feed raw and kibble in the same bowl but is it ok to feed one meal raw and another a very good quality kibble? Or perhaps have a few raw days a week and feed kibble on the other days?

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Re: Raw and Kibbles Feeding

Post by Bid » 03 Apr 2016, 18:18

It's fine to feed kibble and raw in the same bowl, or on the same day, or whatever suits you. It was thought at one time that the bacteria in the raw food would hang about while the kibble was digested and so cause your dog a problem, but later research suggests that in a lot of cases the kibble is digested first anyway, besides which the dogs stomach can cope with most things the raw diet throws at it anyway.
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Re: Raw and Kibbles Feeding

Post by We5Kings » 03 Apr 2016, 21:14

Usually, to begin with, you should keep the pup on whatever the breeder has weaned them on to. Then, very slowly and gradually you can wean them onto whatever you decide to feed them. Initially we had problems in as much as Dude had an upset tum and v loose poo. It took quite a while for us to realise he was allergic to poultry! We now feed him Canagan salmon kibble and use fishy treats( and real fish) for all meals.
He also loves banana, carrot, Apple and all sorts of foods. We didn't give these foods early on though. I often say Dudes problem is that he has a Labs appetite and. Poodles sensitivities! :roll: Anny

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