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Some help with food weights please

Posted: 11 Jun 2016, 21:22
by TedsHuman
Hi all

I do apologise for asking a million questions but I need some help.

Ted has had a bad stomach since the day we brought him home, I've tried chicken and rice which didn't work, so I thought maybe I was feeding him too much so I put him back on what the breeder gave us but weighed it out thinking that would sort it and it did improve but his poos were never fully solid (I know this because I am the one picking them up in the garden every night!). I should say I did follow the rules and phase these in gradually so it's not a drastic change of food that has caused this.

I was reading some posts on here about some labradoodles being intolerant to grains so I went to pets at home and bought a food which is grain free and made up of fish and potatoes, I chose fish because that is what he eats now.

He has a dry food by fish4dogs which I currently give him mixed with naturediet wet food (50/50). I currently give him 70g of dry food and 1/4 pack of wet food per day (split into three meals).

I will post a photo below of the back of the packets and will appreciate any help on this, I want to get him on this grain free wet food asap but can't call the helpline until Monday.

Please can you share your experiences and let me know how much food I should be feeding him based on the back of the packets?

He is 10 weeks and weighs 3kg, he is a miniature and the vet expects him to weigh about 15kg when full grown. I will be feeding him a 50/50 mix of the two so I assume any weights will need to be halved also?

Thank you in advance,

Haylie & Ted

Fish4dogs dry food

New wet food

Re: Some help with food weights please

Posted: 12 Jun 2016, 00:37
by Pollydoodle
Hi, if was me I would stick to one or the other at the mo. If decided wet I would feed per the small guideline even then a bit less. Whatever guideline feed a little less to start and u need to switch food over few days

More importantly has your vet rules out giardia or campylobactor(sp?)?
Parasite and bacteria most common symtom is diarrhoea on and off.In a
young pup it needs to sorted out promptly.

Re: Some help with food weights please

Posted: 12 Jun 2016, 06:55
by TedsHuman
Hi thanks, I took him to the vet just over a week ago and told her about his tummy and she just gave me a paste to squirt in his mouth (like a pro-biotic of some sort).

She didn't test for anything but checked him over and said he was fine.

Re: Some help with food weights please

Posted: 12 Jun 2016, 11:39
by We5Kings
It took us ages to get Dudes food right. He had squishy poo for the first 6 months! We found he couldn't tolerate chicken/fowl. I agree, don't mix foods. Just stick with dry or wet. Also it's good to take 10days to make any change and to give the smallest amounts. We were giving too much because he was always very keen to eat!! We give Canagan salmon kibble.

Re: Some help with food weights please

Posted: 12 Jun 2016, 14:24
by Pollydoodle
Couldn't recall if you or another had been to the vet. Equally one week on and issue persists then the paste is surely not working?
It could simply? be food intolerance. I'd call / challenge the vet ask her what now.
Be strong as the vet will say ohhh here this uber expensive vet food is just what you need. They will persist, hold yr ground. Campo is very common in pups up to 6 months old diagnosed from a sample.
I agree with your approach to investigste what single food works for Ted by process of elimination.

..... PS:I reread what you're feeding.Do note on the new wet food photo it says 1/4 tray PER DAY. You say you give this(well the naturediet) PLUS the dry.
Hope some use

Anny, btw i always managed food changes over 3 days and all been fine.may be luck of the gods the luck does not stretch to winning the lottery unfortunately! :lol: :roll:

Re: Some help with food weights please

Posted: 12 Jun 2016, 17:10
by Bid
First of all, if Ted is happy and lively, eating well and growing pretty consistently (I know - they grow in spurts so it's hard to judge) then don't worry too much. Those are the main things.

Secondly, bear in mind that food manufacturers alway say to feed them too much so don't worry if you aren't feeding the recommended amount. If he got firmer poos when you fed him less, keep on that for a bit, or even reduce it more to see if they get properly formed. As long as he still has energy and is still growing then the amount is right.

It is so hard to judge with a crossbreed - you can't really tell how big they will be - even puppies in the same litter can vary hugely, so working out how much to feed is very much a hit and miss affair.

Once you have worked out the amount that suits him best, you then have to remember to increase it as he gets older and start all over again!

Re: Some help with food weights please

Posted: 13 Jun 2016, 12:53
by TedsHuman

Thanks for your comments.

I will move him onto just dry food and stick to the fish4dogs which is grain free and only fish and veg for now and see how that goes.

I can at least weigh that out each day so I know exactly how much to feed him, he gobbles it down in about 60 seconds though so I feel bad cutting his food down, but he doesn't cry for food or beg when my husband and I eat so I guess he is satisfied, and he does seem to be growing (I can feel his ribs when I stroke him though)?

I will stick to the dry and see how that goes, we have his 2nd injection next week so if no improvement I will speak to the vet again.

Thanks all
Haylie & Ted

Re: Some help with food weights please

Posted: 13 Jun 2016, 22:32
by Bid
You might want to try a slow feeding bowl to slow down his eating - Beamish has a green feeder and Daisy has a slo-bowl, both of which are very effective for either dry food or raw food.

Re: Some help with food weights please

Posted: 15 Jun 2016, 12:34
by TedsHuman
I never knew anything like that existed! I will google now, thank you for the suggestion.

When I picked him up from the breeder he said he may get the poodle 'picky eater' gene but it looks like he has the greedy lab gene!