10 week old bundle of hungry black fluff!

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10 week old bundle of hungry black fluff!

Post by elastic » 28 Jun 2016, 16:39

Hi folks! I am the proud 'mum' of Darwin, who we have had now for three weeks. We have just completed the swap from Pedegree tins to Applaws (grain-free) kibble. The instructions on the bag don't really help us to calculate what quantity to feed so I have gone on 'Allaboutdogfood' and entered different dog weights and followed the suggestion daily quantity. I will 'tweak' this in relation to his weight and condition. We currently split the ration into four, feeding three meals and reserving the last portion for training and treats, although I have just read a post on here about using all food creatively, rather than just placed in a bowl at set times, so I may give that a go! I am interested to hear if people think this is a good plan.
I would also like to know if there are any supplements that I should be giving, and how often. I have seen mention of things such as coconut oil, tinned sardines and pumpkin seeds.
Regards, Louise

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Re: 10 week old bundle of hungry black fluff!

Post by Bid » 28 Jun 2016, 23:48

Welcome Louise & Darwin! Any photos? We do like to see all the new pups :-)

My foody dogs get their food in slo feeders so they have to "work" for it - I think it is healthier for them to eat slowly, and good for their minds to work for their food.

I think you need to bear in mind that a compekte food is just that - complete. If you start to add things you are upsetting the balance, so unless there is a specific problem you are trying to resolve, I don't think supplements are needed. I feed raw food and know there are a few nutrients that need adding, plus I have a dog with joint problems so I do add a few things to help her.
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Re: 10 week old bundle of hungry black fluff!

Post by patterpaws » 29 Jun 2016, 18:39

Hi again,

Our Mabel is on applaws as well and the quantities are a bit vague but I've been going with the lowest amount for her weight and it seems to be just right and the vet is happy with her. She only has applaws for two meals and has raw complete for the other two so I've been giving her half of the lowest recommended daily amount of each. We give approx two thirds of the kibble as meals and the rest as training treats per day, she doesn't seem hungry and is gaining weight at the right pace so it works for us.

When we drop down to three meals I will go with 2 raw meals and one kibble so 2/3 daily amount of raw and 1/3 dry, she prefers the raw meals on balance but is very happy to have applaws as treats so I think she will approve when we drop one dry meal.

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