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Re: Toying with raw

Posted: 17 Oct 2016, 10:43
by We5Kings
Back from hols, I've had lots of "thinking time" and have concluded that with very limited freezer space our best bet is to give Dude some wet food for the time being. For the last few days I have been weaning him off Canagan and onto Forthglade ( made in Devon, not far from us) So far so good! He really likes it a lot and the poos are very pick up able. They have a good choice of flavours too. Our main aim has always been to help Dude to put on some weight so I'm hoping this will be a good move. I have also bought some NatureDiet ( because I wasn't sure he would like/tolerate Forthglade) In the future, if we have space for a chest freezer,I will probably try RAW. Thank you all for your help. Anny and Dude