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How little food can she survive on?

Posted: 07 Feb 2017, 23:30
by KatyM
Winnie is 14 months now and an absolute delight. She had her first season a month ago and all went well.

She has never been a big eater. I have tried a couple of different foods, always good quality. She is currently on Akela Wholeprey. I feed her two meals a day, breakfast and evening meal. I give her her breakfast as dry kibble but I put either sardines or Greek yogurt as a topper on her evening meal. Other than her kibble she is partial to a toast crust. She has chews, sweet potato chews, some fruit or veg slices. However just lately, for about the past week, she is eating very little. She used to eat 170g a day, she is now eating about 80g!! I don't know what is going on! I am giving her no treats at the moment in an effort to save her appetite for her food but it is not making any difference. She is a very petite girl but I think she looks thinner than ever. It's not that she isn't hungry, as she is very interested in our food. She gets plenty of excersize, two walks a day and playing. Please don't suggest feeding raw as I have done my research but just can't bring myself to do it, any other suggestions would be very gratefully received.


Re: How little food can she survive on?

Posted: 07 Feb 2017, 23:59
by KatyM
I have just weighed her to see if she has actually lost any weight and she is 100g less than the last time I weighed her about 3 months ago. She has been groomed lately and the groomer took off more than I wanted which has made her look smaller and thinner!! :oops:

Re: How little food can she survive on?

Posted: 08 Feb 2017, 09:09
by goldenboy
I mix some wet meat in with Harveys food as he can be a fussy eater. He is currently on Akela and I mix in some Naturo food which Sainsbury's and Tesco stock. They come in different flavours , he loves the Salmon and potato. A pack can last a couple of days as I only mix in a bit at a time to make it more interesting.I do ring the changes with Natures menu wet food. I sometimes finely grate some cheese on top as he loves cheese.

Re: How little food can she survive on?

Posted: 09 Feb 2017, 00:07
by Doodle Dee
Lulu was a terribly fussy eater as a pup. I. also found out I wasn't giving her the right amount of dry food but that another story! I tried her with everything. Against my own wishes I tried raw. She would not eat the mince unless it was cooked. Even chicken wings were not to her taste. I could not even train her with treats. She ate when she felt like it. All of a sudden she changed. She obviously didn't like the dry food because she would eat Sardines on top of the dry food but not the dry food. I then tried her on natures menu. Which she liked. Then she turned into a Labrador and ate anything. I could give her dry food as a treat. I haven't tried giving her dry food as a meal since but I'm sure she would eat it.

It maybe as a pup she enjoyed woodwork and brushes better but that being said she certainly likes her food now

It could be Winnie is a fussy eater. It could be she has reached her weight now. If she isn't skinny I wouldn't worry to much. She may also be sensing your worry over the food also. I think there are pictures you can google to see if they are to skinny or not. Lulu looks like a stick insect when she is wet but her weight has remained stagnant between 13 and 14.5 kg.


Re: How little food can she survive on?

Posted: 09 Feb 2017, 22:56
by Bid
One of mine isn't a foodie - it came as a surprise to me having always had labs. SHe eats what she needs. Sometimes she skips a meal. SHe is a pettite standard doodle - 21" to the shoulder, and weighs around 17 kg. SHe is fit as a flea, competes at agility, and walks 2 hours a day, so I tend not to worry about her eating any more.