A very difficult Doodle to feed

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A very difficult Doodle to feed

Post by SUECARR » 30 Dec 2017, 21:42

Hello everyone

I need some feeding advice for my female Dood who is being really difficult about food. I have two dogs so leaving dry food down is not an option.
I give her two small meals a day comprising of her dog food and maybe a little meat mixed in to appetise.

Some days she will just turn her nose up and it takes two days to encourage her back to a bowl.

The only way I can get her to eat some dry food is to take a bag out on a walk and use it as treats, then I feel she has at least had a meal. I get concerned as they both have a good walk and that she should want a meal if only once a day!
The male dog will eat his meals which highlights even more the non eater.

I regularly check and brush teeth and I think her weight is fairly stable .She sometimes will vomit up food but then will eat another meal and it stays down.

Am I worrying overmuch?


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Re: A very difficult Doodle to feed

Post by linny » 03 Jan 2018, 17:25

Hello Sue..... As her weight seems stable and she does not appear unwell I would think that there is not a lot to worry about but as she sometimes regurgitates her food I would have a word with a vet just to rule out any problems with the oesophagus.
They love to worry us don't they but if she is happy and healthy I wouldn't worry unduly.

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Re: A very difficult Doodle to feed

Post by Bid » 03 Jan 2018, 19:42

Poppy has always been a very light eater (although not a vomiter!). When I fed dry food she would rarely eat it all, and frequently not eat a meal at all. I switcher to raw food when she was about 18 months old and she got a lot better about eating, but even now she only eats a meal if she needs it. She is a very slight dog (21" to the shoulder and just 16kg). She is very healthy though, and very active. For some reason she doesn't eat breakfast on Wednesdays, which goes to show that there is often a reason for things that we aren't aware of.

Daisy has always been a voracious eater, but lately with all the ops and vet visits she has had, she has started to not eat as a sign of stress. I have found that she will eat wet complete food at a push - there are quite a lot available - Lilys kitchen do a healthy range so that night be worth a try. Were I to stop feeding raw I Would go for a wet food as my next choice rather than kibble.
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Re: A very difficult Doodle to feed

Post by Rob-T » 04 Jan 2018, 22:18

My youngest dog ( just over 2 years old) is a very fussy eater and has also been prone to billious vomiting when her stomach has been empty for too long. We had a really bad spell there when following a scope procedure in her stomach she was on a light diet for a couple of days. Anytime she has been on a light diet of the likes of scrambled egg and cooked chicken it really is a trial getting her back onto a regular diet. However for the past couple of weeks she has been eating well, three small meals per day on vets advice, and, touch wood, has ate every one. I am putting this down to a tip I came across on line to add a little low salt chicken stock liquid to her meal ( dry kibble). In the past I have tried 4 different types of kibble, tried mixing it with umpteen different makes and flavours of wet food but always had problems.
Not saying this is going to be a final solution to the problem but it is working just now. Apparently it is best to use the low salt versions of stock and I did check the ingredient list as some have onion added. Don’t know if there would be enough to cause any harm but better safe than sorry. Worth a try?

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Re: A very difficult Doodle to feed

Post by SUECARR » 07 Jan 2018, 16:07

Thankyou for your replies and advice given.

Lotti is now 5yrs old and this habitual refusal of food is quite upsetting.

We have tried various foods , raw, cooked chicken etc. she likes egg but wont touch rice, tried stock from fresh cooking but to no avail.

Yesterday gave her a small saucer of raw beef sliced into little strips which obviously was palatable but within 5 mins had bawked it up.

Maybe a Vet visit is the only answer albeit we have discussed all this in times gone by.

Just wish she would eat a normal meal ! Aghh

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