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eating problems

Posted: 28 Dec 2019, 18:02
by juney1
hi all ,cooper is 13 months old now and a nightmare to get him to eat ,tried tinned meat ,dry ,,every brand ,just when i think ive found something he likes he stops eating it , litterally seems to run away when i put it down ,currently on raw,but he will only eat out of his kong ,which he throws at me when it needs filling again ,and really seems to like it then ,so can it be his bowl he does not like or does he just hsve me on abit of string ,can you get a kong bowl ,

Re: eating problems

Posted: 30 Dec 2019, 17:15
by kobi&jazz
Hi Juney,
Have you tried using a snuffle mat to hide his food in? Even scatter feeding across the floor or outdoors and make him search for his food.
There are licky-mats too which can be purchased cheaply on Amazon.
Good luck.

Re: eating problems

Posted: 03 Jan 2020, 15:26
by juney1
hi yea ,well weve discovered his not too keen on eating alone ,put his bowl in living room with us ,and he ate itall in one go ,thought i cracked it ,then next night didnt waana know ,little bugger .i have a lick bowl which his abit more interested after a while ,the raw is not so easy to scatter as we dont want to be spreading raw meat every where ,thanks for your reply