Cockapoo stud wanted

Use this area if you are thinking of breeding from your dog and are looking for a suitable 'partner'!
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Cockapoo stud wanted

Post by pammy67 » 16 Jul 2011, 10:50

Looking for a cockapoo stud for Toffee, she is a choc in colour, we live in yorks humberside area, anyone who knows of anyone pls let me know

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Re: Cockapoo stud wanted

Post by megimoo7 » 29 Feb 2012, 00:20

I truly beleive in traveling to keep the gene pool nice and mixed but it is not far from you (I travel a minimum of 300miles to 450+ to find the right lad). Jukee Doodles as all their dogs are hip and elbow scored as well as eye tested. They have their poodles on their site but also have cockapoo's as that is what they breed. :D

I've just used the services of Fester and he was just a centimeter or two smaller than my girl. so just right for a miniature back for my requirements which apart from looks and temprement is that THEY MUST BE HEALTH SCORED and so few Miniature Poodles Are :cry: Still hope the situation improves. She beleives in health testing so I would imagine testing all her studs.

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