Labradoodle looking for a mate

Use this area if you are thinking of breeding from your dog and are looking for a suitable 'partner'!
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Tim Brock
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Labradoodle looking for a mate

Post by Tim Brock » 07 Apr 2015, 11:28

We have a labradoodle boy 14 months old and we would like him to be a dad in exchange for a puppy so that he can have a companion.

Pip is F3b chocolate and has a non shedding curly wool coat. He has a gentle temperament and loves other dogs and humans. Pip is fit and healthy and goes for two long walks in the countryside each day.

We would prefer a mate to be F1b or F2b in order to maintain the coat type.

After we have a puppy we would have him neutered.

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Re: Labradoodle looking for a mate

Post by Bid » 07 Apr 2015, 20:39

Hi there - have you looked into the health tests he would need to have before he can be used as a stud? Eye tests, hip scoring and elbow scoring are the minimum requirements you will need to have done.
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