Poor Tilly

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Poor Tilly

Post by gorbyhound » 20 Aug 2010, 11:24

After gaining weight for a couple of weeks Tilly became lethargic and lost her appetite. I also thought she seemed to wee a lot, even for a puppy. To cut a long, sad story short I have just spoken to my vet who had the results of her blood tests which revealed that she has virtually no kidney function (congenital but not hereditary) and will die in a few days. As her urea levels are sky high she may suffer fits before that so it seems kinder to have her PTS. I am taking her later this afternoon. I always had a gut feeling that there must be some sinister reason for her small size but I hoped that I was wrong. I don't regret having her - there was no way I could have walked away even if I had known. I'm glad we have been able to love her and look after her for a few short weeks. Thanks all for your support and comments re my earlier posts.

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Re: Poor Tilly

Post by blueboysgirl » 20 Aug 2010, 11:36

Oh no. Poor Tilly. I'm crying as I type this, as I have followed her story on here.
God bless her on her journey to the rainbow's edge.
She's a very lucky girl to have known you and to have such courageous owners to do what's best for her.
Be brave, little one.
Claire and Bruno

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Re: Poor Tilly

Post by delilah » 20 Aug 2010, 11:37

How desperately sad for you and Tilly. However, it is obvious that she is much loved so even if life is short it has assuredly been sweet. My thoughts are with you.


Re: Poor Tilly

Post by SBW2009 » 20 Aug 2010, 11:43

Poor thing. I too have read her story. Very sad. Like how others have said, you've given her a fab few weeks and never forget that.

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Re: Poor Tilly

Post by baby_depardieu » 20 Aug 2010, 11:49

How very sad for you all.... but the little time she had was full of love with you all....
Life is unfair sometimes

Thinking of you
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Re: Poor Tilly

Post by Madeleine » 20 Aug 2010, 11:54

Oh dear how very sad.
Be proud you gave her the best in her short life.
You are wonderful to have supported and loved her.
Be thinking of you this afternoon

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Re: Poor Tilly

Post by KateW » 20 Aug 2010, 12:35

This is very sad news indeed and my thoughts are with you at this terrible time. Dear little Tilly will just slip quietly away without pain or suffering and I am glad that you have found the courage to do this final act of kindness now.

Her little life has touched so many people and I am sure you will always remember her with love.


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Re: Poor Tilly

Post by tynkerbelluk » 20 Aug 2010, 12:42

My heart goes out to you :cry: You have been wonderful in your caring and concern for Tilly and rest assured that her time with you was precious however short. My thoughts are with you this afternoon and love and hugs to Tilly for her journey to Rainbow Bridge.
As baby_depardieu said life can be so unfair sometimes.

Sharron and Archie
Sharron and Archie


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Re: Poor Tilly

Post by jasperaliceuk » 20 Aug 2010, 12:42

I'm so very sorry. My thoughts are with you this afternoon.


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Re: Poor Tilly

Post by Lorraine82 » 20 Aug 2010, 12:45

That is really awful. I really feel for you at this sad time, its everyone's worst nightmare getting such results back from the vet.


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Re: Poor Tilly

Post by Lissy » 20 Aug 2010, 12:48

I am so sorry for you both! I have followed the story on here and was so happy that she found a loving home.

I will be thinking of you both this afternoon and praise your strength at making the best decision for Tilly.

May Tilly run free of pain at the rainbow bridge.

Love and (((((((hugs)))))))) to you.

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Re: Poor Tilly

Post by lizziesmum » 20 Aug 2010, 13:01

Im so sorry,My thoughts are with you this afternoon.
Freda x

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Re: Poor Tilly

Post by winnieb » 20 Aug 2010, 13:18

I too have been following the story of Tilly as it was so like my puppy Ivy's story. I am so sorry that it is so sad news but you gave Tilly a wonderful few weeks and you and Tilly will never forget that. Be thinking of you both xxx
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Re: Poor Tilly

Post by Noglet » 20 Aug 2010, 13:34

I'm so, so sorry to hear your news. Like everyone else, I too had followed Tilly's story. You have given Tilly the best opportunity to lead a wonderful life and I am sure that she has loved every minute of the last few weeks. Thinking of you both xxx




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Re: Poor Tilly

Post by Mica1971 » 20 Aug 2010, 13:45

How very sad, I'm glad Tilly had so much love in her short life. She will run free and full of life at Rainbow Bridge. Sweet dreams little one, much love xxx


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