The Barkery update

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The Barkery update

Post by LakeDistrictDoodle » 27 May 2012, 05:20

Hi all
Just thought I would tell you the outcome of the The Bakery paypal disspute. Paypal gave us back our money yesterday, all of it so that is good.
Dave tried ringing all the number we had for the couple Chris & Mandy and after leaving quite a nasty message on Chris's mobile, he rang back. He gave us Mandy (his now EX wifes mobile number) he told us the company had gone bust just after they split up and she was still taking peoples money and not making anything. If people are paying via paypal they can get their money back, otherwise......bye bye money.
I am off to work now for 3 days so I wont see if anybody replies to this post, but god forbid you have bought from them and are waiting for your dog biscuits, then you are not going to get them.
If you did and paid through paypal then you need to claim through them, if you paid via card then you will have to fight her for the money back.
If anyone needs to get in touch with this woman over any outstanding issues and cant get hold of her due to the number been ex-directory now, then her mobile is 07784 804 992.
All the best, Steph, Dave & Dorcas xx
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Re: The Barkery update

Post by muffinhead » 27 May 2012, 08:50

Glad you've got it all sorted :mrgreen:

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Re: The Barkery update

Post by Clairejen » 27 May 2012, 09:29

Glad you got your cash back. I've cross posted to Doodle Times, hope you don't mind, the more people warned the better. Have a great holiday.
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Re: The Barkery update

Post by Maggie111 » 28 May 2012, 00:54

The website is down now it seems.

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