Hips not quite right?

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Hips not quite right?

Post by Signguy » 25 Sep 2016, 15:08

We've been away from the forum for quite a while after the initial excitement (and some surprise) of a Doodle as different to any other dog we've ever owned :shock: all settled down. The lovely Crazy George is 3 and a 1/2 :) I had noticed for a while that he didn't walk and run as our Springer used to with a free flowing, hind legs stretching far back gait. I assumed (and hoped) that this was just because he was a different breed. Now we notice that when he gets up from a nap he has a limp which changes sides and I think that his 'scooped' bottom run is more pronounced. He's off to the vet this week and I'm hoping it's not the dreaded HD. I must admit that I had worried about getting a Labrador cross type, because, though labs are adorable, they seem to age quite markedly regardless of how carefully they are cared for. Not yet 4 seems terribly young for hip problems :cry: Fingers crossed that this is just something temporary, even though it's always tricky trying to 'rest' him on vet's instructions.

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Re: Hips not quite right?

Post by Bid » 25 Sep 2016, 20:55

Hi there - welcome back!

Let's hope it is just a soft tissue injury, but to put your mind at rest, HD isn't always a disaster. First of all it has nothing to do with age - if the hip sockets aren't properly formed then they will have always been like that since your pup was about a year old and the joints were fully developed. With labs they tend to get arthritic as they age - often because they are overweight, but sometimes because they have bad hips but no-one has noticed.

My Daisy has HD - not severe enough for surgery though. SHe was diagnosed when she was 2, and she is 10 now. She has a bit of arthritis in her toes these days, but has been active all her life and is the happiest dog I know. We "manage" her condition, with very little effort. Some days she needs a ramp for the van, she has a few supplements to her diet, she doesn't walk on hard surfaces, so we drive to somewhere grassy rather than pound the pavements which is no hardship. I have just got her a raised bed because she is a hot dog and preferred to lie on the hard floor - this is a compromise and she is happy with it. She has regular swims at hte hydro pool too.

SO don't panic - there are lots of things you can do to help George if need be, and he can hopefuly stil go on long walks, and play with his friends.
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Re: Hips not quite right?

Post by Pollydoodle » 25 Sep 2016, 22:37

Hi, sorry to read of your worry. Try have a good think before the vet appt as to when the limping started eg was there lots of or unusual chasing of a ball ; ran into or had impact in awkward way with another dog or slipped.
Worthwhile to consider as perhaps mctimoney chiropractic treartment may be useful , needs referral from vet.

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Re: Hips not quite right?

Post by linny » 27 Sep 2016, 11:08

Hi & welcome back :)
Like Bid's Daisy Ambrose also has HD, He was diagnosed at a year old and like Bid we have managed him through 8 years in a similar manner. It's not diifficult , just take a sensible aproach to diet and exercise.
Let's hope that you get positive info from the vet....all fingers crossed for good news.
Do let us know how you get on.

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Re: Hips not quite right?

Post by Norwood » 27 Sep 2016, 13:09

Hi, I've copied my post from 2011. Just to update - Digby is fine :) yes he has HD but he doesn't know and his tail is constantly wagging - he's a very happy chappy :lol: He's on loxicom and like a puppy. I keep a very close eye on his weight. I went on to have Penny x-rayed and her hips are fine. Hope my post is of some help. Cheers


Not posted on here for a while but wanted to share this with people.

A few weeks ago I had Digby xrayed just to put my mind at rest really. Unfortunately the xray showed that Digby has Hip Displasia. He’s already started his hydrotherapy and Synoquin (which he will be on for life). The Vet said it’s a mild case but he does have 2nd degree Arthritis.

I always thought that if a dog had hip trouble there would be big signs, for example, lame after long walks. Not true …. that’s why I’m writing this post.

Digby has never been lame that’s why I had him xrayed to prove to myself that he was ok. So the reason for having him xrayed?? Well, as I said in the title of this post – sometimes the little things add up.

1. Digby will only sit straight/proper for a very short time. He normally sits off to the side with his leg sticking out.

2. When he poos he walks / rocks from side to side.

3. He can run and jump but wont jump from a standing start.

4. He makes no attempt to get in the car.

5. He won’t give a paw.

I put these things down to Digby just being Digby. However about 4 months ago I started noticing that he clicked sometimes when he went to sit/get up That’s when I started thinking about Digby’s little quirks. Could the way he sits be down to it being more comfortable for him? Could the fact that he wont jump from a standing start mean he cant? He used to be car sick that’s why I thought he wouldn’t get in the car but maybe he couldn’t get in the car? Did the fact that he wandered when he poo’d mean that he couldn’t sustain the poo position? Might he not give a paw cos it changes his balance and is uncomfortable? All these little things …

Unfortunately the biggest sign that I didn’t count (stupidly) is the fact that Tanya (who owns Bobby, Digby’s brother) posted on the Site in 2008 that Bobby had HD. As Digby was never lame and I wasn’t contacted personally, I thought he was ok. I don’t go on this Site that often, if I’d missed that posting I would never have known! I’ve since been able to contact Tanya and she’s confirmed that Bobby became lame and after having an xray found out that he had HD. Tanya also said Bobby rocks from side to side when he poos, just like Digby. I keep going on about the signs of lameness but I’m sure I’m not the only person who thinks this is the only sign of HD?

Penny (Digby’s sister) is fine, bounces round like Tigger, but I can’t be sure so she’s going to the Vets with Digby in a months time for the Vet to have a feel of her. Digby is happy in himself and hopefully won’t get to the point of needing a hip operation but only time will tell. The HD hasn’t developed due to over exercise when he was younger. Both Penny and Digby have been brought up the same way. We were advised they shouldn’t be allowed up the stairs in their first year, subsequently my OH didn’t want them going up the stairs at all (unfortunately for me but probably fortunately for Digby).

Sorry the post has been so long but hope that it’s been helpful …… Hip Dysplasia has many guises.

As many people say on this site (and other sites) …get hip scores when looking at puppies! There are no excuses why they shouldn’t be done. A dam is never too old to get her hips scored. Both parents, whichever breed (Labradors or Labradoodles) should be hip scored. Anything that can be done should be done to ensure a healthy puppy. How is this painful condition going to be curbed if responsible breeders aren’t just that …. responsible!!


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Re: Hips not quite right?

Post by Brooks13 » 30 Sep 2016, 09:47

I hope it's not HD too but just to reassure you - my lab was diagnosed at young age with HD and lived a fully and happy life until she was 13.

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