Ear infection - anyone help?

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Ear infection - anyone help?

Post by Kellyabs » 20 Feb 2017, 22:46

We have a 4 year old black labradoodle called Albi who has been of great health until November last year when he turned 4. We noticed Albi started to walk a little funny, mainly wobbly on the odd occasion & then started to shake his head. After a few days of this I looked in his ears & found that his left ear was full of reddish brown Crusty gunk. We took him to the vets and they diagnosed an ear infection. They also said his right ear was infected too, but not as bad. We were given drops & told to return in a week. Upon returning to the vets he was no better: in fact he was worse, so we left his with them for an hour so they could investigate further. Unfortunately they were unable to see in his ears as they were so full of gunk that they said he'd need to come back & be put under annasetic so they could clean his ears whilst he was asleep & also take a swab to send to the lab to see what was causing the infection. We did that 2 days later & was sent away with more drops, although the infection had caused both ear drums to perforate.

He seemed fine at the beginning of this year, however then obtained a nasty hole in between his shoulder blades. A hole is the only way I can describe it. All bloody & not very nice at all. About the size of a 5p. so we got some very large antibiotics the size of a 50p which we had to give him a third of each day & some cleaning solution. Vets had no idea what this was .... apart from maybe a hot spot! However we did get the all clear on the swab from the lab. So we thought that was the end of it.

However 4 weeks ago he started shaking his head again & walking in circles this time, which the vet asked me if he was doing the first time, so I knew what it was. Since then we have been in & out of the vets every week with drops, anti histamine (thinking it was an allergy) and now steroids - none of which have made any difference. I just thought it was his right ear this time, as that was the one Albi wasn't keen on me looking in, however vets say it's both ears again. Although right is worse. Having looked at his ears this weekend I have found yet more gunk in his right ear. Before it was just red & sore.

Obviously we are taking him back to the vets again, but I just wondered if any of you doodle lovers had any experience of this & if you had any suggestions?

Albi is not a dog to go in water. He's much to busy running across fields & playing fetch. He very fairly gets wet in general, so I don't think it is water based. I also wonder if the 'hotspot' is connected? The vet ruled it out, but my husband worries he has some kind of mite or similar eating away at him. I'm just quite worried about him, as although he seems fine in himself most of the time, I can see it is bothering him & I want my fur baby back to his old self - even if he does eat the 17th remote control!!!!! I want him back to full health.

Sorry for long post.
Many thanks

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Re: Ear infection - anyone help?

Post by Bid » 21 Feb 2017, 00:38

Yes I have had this with Daisy - for 5 years she had on-going ear infections. It turned out that Daisy had a resistant bacterial infection - a pseudomonas infection. It took a lot of getting rid of. She also seems to have a chicken allergy which sets her ear off again. Then a couple of years ago she started to get hot spots and to get really itchy. It comes and goes and we don't really know what causes it - possibly a dustmite allergy.

It might be worth looking at her diet, and maybe going for a grain-free food, and changing to a different protein if you feed the same food all the time.

Your vet sounds on the ball - taking swabs is the way to go so they are targetting the infection with the right anti-biotics.
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Re: Ear infection - anyone help?

Post by Bertiesmom » 05 Mar 2017, 12:21


Bertie started having ear infections as you describe from about 12/18 months. It seemed as soon as one cleared up a week later the next one started. He had steroids and antihistamines from the vet and ear drops. I found that the steroids really didnt suit him and altered his behaviour too. The vet recommended Hills ZD food, it was very expensive and had a minimal effect. I changed his diet to grain free and I suspect he was allergic to chicken too although not proven only by eliminating it from his diet. I give him live natural yoghurt on his evening meal and clean his ears weekly. Fingers crossed he has not had an ear infection since and he appears to be thriving on Millies wolfheart food. They have an excellent telephone helpline .

Good luck with Albi xx

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Re: Ear infection - anyone help?

Post by val&finn » 13 Mar 2017, 21:58

Hi Kelly,
our Finn started to suffer from near constant ear infections when he was just under a year, which were treated with antibiotics and steroids. After about 9 months I got fed up with this vicious circle and after applying some pressure on the vet we obtained a referral to a Pet Dermatologist. She was brilliant (expensive, but our insurance picked up the tab and still pays for it). It turned out that he is allergic to all sorts of mites imaginable, but he was fine within weeks with the treatment the Dematologist set out for the vet to follow. He was put on immunotherapy which means he has to have a monthly injection. Finn is now nine years and we have had very few problems since the treatment.

The first we noticed was the constant scratching of the left ear (it's nearly always the left that is worse) and violently shaking his head or rubbing it on the floor. Next he started squeeking when he scratched his ears and also squeeked when we touched it. The vet prescribed all sorts of cleaners which made it worse (my opinion), but the stuff the Dermatologist said to use was brilliant. Unfortunately they stopped selling it in the UK but it can still be bought in the US, not that we need it much these days.

Hope you can sort it out quickly - best wishes from Val, Finn & Izzy
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