Spaying / Neutering a female dog : Advice?

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Spaying / Neutering a female dog : Advice?

Post by Sammyez » 07 Mar 2017, 15:21

I'm after some advice about the best time to spaying my puppy? Some are suggesting to wait after her first season but, others are saying before the season? She is currently 3 months old and was thinking of getting her neutered at 6 months?

Also, can anyone advise as to the approx cost of this operation?

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Re: Spaying / Neutering a female dog : Advice?

Post by Webbs » 07 Mar 2017, 20:00

Hi, we spayed Willow at one year old after her first season as suggested by our vet but I know that some vets suggest before.

The vets reason was to get one season out of her system and then spay three months after the season.

Cost was approx £200.00 but is based on weight so the smaller/younger they are, the less it will cost

Hope this helps


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Re: Spaying / Neutering a female dog : Advice?

Post by Sammyez » 08 Mar 2017, 00:32

Thanks for the feedback, I will discuss it with our vet at the next visit. I am still inclined to have it done before her first season.

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Re: Spaying / Neutering a female dog : Advice?

Post by Bid » 08 Mar 2017, 09:23

If it is the season that puts you off waiting, it' not a big deal. My girls stayed at home most of the time for the three weeks, and we did lots of training and games in the garden. They kept themselves clean too. Talk to your trainer as well as your vet as there are behavioural implications of getting them done early - they tend to stay puppyish for life if neutered before they are fully mature. Also, have a read of this ... ... neutering/

If you don't have time to readt hw whole article, this extract alone would make me think twice about getting a bitch spayed at 6 months ...

a) the significantly delayed closure of growth plates in spayed females,

b) significantly elongated tibia, radius, and ulna bones in neutered male and spayed female dogs in comparison to intact adult animals,

c) a narrower cranial and orthopedic physique,

d) a significantly increased incidence of canine cruciate ligament (CCL) tears in spayed and neutered dogs,

e) a 50% increase in hip dysplasia in spayed and neutered dogs,

f) a 210% higher probability of patellar luxation in spayed and neutered dogs,

g) an increase in obesity in spayed and neutered dogs,

h) a 400% greater likelihood of spayed females developing cardiac hemangiosarcoma,

i) a 120% increased risk of spayed females developing splenic hemangiosarcoma,

j) a 2 – 3x greater chance of females and males developing bone cancer,

k) an approximately 3x increase in neutered male dogs developing benign prostate tumors and a 4x increase in prostate cancer,

l) a 3 – 4x greater probability of experiencing benign and cancerous tumors of the bladder in both male and female dogs,

m) significantly higher risks of mast cell cancer, lymphoma, and other cancers,

n) an increased risk of noise phobias in early-age spayed/neutered dogs,

o) an increased risk of undesirable mounting in early-age spayed/neutered dogs,

p) a significantly increased risk of reactivity in an experimental group of spayed German Shepherds,

q) a decrease in energy level for spayed and neutered dogs,

r) an increase in urinary incontinence in spayed females (and sometimes males) that increases the earlier the age of the spay,

s) an increased risk of hypothyroidism in both spayed and neutered dogs,

t) a 22x greater probability of fatal acute pancreatitis in spayed female dogs,

u) a 27 – 38% increase in vaccine reaction in spayed/neutered dogs, and

v) reduced lifespan in spayed Rottweilers.[18]
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Re: Spaying / Neutering a female dog : Advice?

Post by Sammyez » 08 Mar 2017, 16:30

Thanks for the information. I will do some more reading on the subject before we decide which way to go.

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