Unsure if puppy is in season

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Unsure if puppy is in season

Post by hawkinha » 17 May 2017, 09:57


I've got a minature labradoodle (10 months old) and as she's my first puppy I'm not sure if she's in season, I've read lots of info on the internet but if anyone has any similar experiences it would be great to know!

So basically two weeks ago I noticed there was a few (maybe 2 or 4) spots of what I think were blood on the wooden floor and that day when we went for a walk a male puppy around 7 months old followed us across the whole park, so I thought ok she is in heat.

Since then we've still gone to the park for walks / toilet but she's stayed on the lead and I've generally tried to keep her away from other dogs. However, I've not noticed any particular extra intrest when she comes across other dogs (she's very playful still so it's hard to tell if it's just this). There has been no more blood or any discharge and her behaviour is normal. I can't tell whether her vulva is swollen because I never particularly noticed it before when I've looked over the last few weeks (since suspecting heat) it sticks out about the size of a 5p and that hasn't changed, her nipples seem slightly bigger.

If anyone has any advice or had a similar situation would love to hear it as at the moment she isn't going to the day care she normally goes to twice a week so I'm stuck in and if she isn't in season we wanted to get her spayed!

Thanks so much!
Holly :)

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Re: Unsure if puppy is in season

Post by linny » 17 May 2017, 20:27

It does sound as if she's had a season....especially as you noticed blood.
Sometimes a first season can be very insignificant.
The best tine to spay is half way between a first and second season so around 12 weeks from when you think you noticed blood loss.
Perhaps you could speak to your vet? .....they would be best able to advise you on the best way forward..

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