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Is my dog overheating?

Posted: 31 May 2020, 10:20
by Doodling Days
Louis has been throwing up after drinking water for the last week. It's not all the time, but frequently. It's quite immediate and I'm wondering if it's because he is simply too hot, and the cold water is hitting his stomach and being rejected. It's happened again this morning. I gave him a little more to drink after it happened and he kept it down. He's now resting in the shade. He had been running around a little before it happened. I don't remember this happening in the heat in previous years. Any ideas? Thank you. Louis is a 3.5 year old Australian Miniature.

Re: Is my dog overheating?

Posted: 01 Jun 2020, 08:42
by AnnaB
I would say that you are right and Louis is overheating. Cold water is a bit of a no no in hot weather, so try taking the chill off the water in his bowl if possible and (not easy with doods I know) try not to let him do any 'running around' in the heat of the day. Steady walkies in the early mornings/late evenings are best if at all possible - there have been some tragic reports recently of dogs with heatstroke (and burnt paws from hot pavements) and several have died. Is Louis clipped? In some cases a closely clipped coat can make it easier for the damaging sun's rays to get to the dog's skin and this can lead to overheating. The weather we are having has certainly been exceptional lately hasn't it. Just a few simple precautions and a dash of common sense will keep Louis safe. Good luck.

Re: Is my dog overheating?

Posted: 02 Jun 2020, 11:54
by Mickeymouse
Thanks for the advice - With the excessive heat lately we had been thinking about getting him trimmed but he is 5yrs now and not trimmed before. He is able to go swimming (which he loves) and with the comments about the benefits of the long coat I think we will leave well alone as he has his main walk early in the morning and stays inside or in the shade in the garden during the day. Thanks for all the tips on this site.