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Posted: 12 Nov 2020, 08:39
by Jojo567
Hi. Hedley is 5 years old and loves his walks. He is very energetic and runs/jumps after his ball constantly. Is there an age when we should take it a bit easier with him to protect his joints? We don't want to spoil his fun, but worry about future arthritis etc. Thanks Jo

Re: Exercise

Posted: 12 Nov 2020, 19:47
by AnnaB
Walks are a brilliant way to exercise any dog, lots of off lead trotting around and lots of sniffing at various interesting smells. Apparently the 'sniffing' around serves to tire the dog out or so they say! In Hedley's case I would start cutting down on the running after and jumping to catch/play with his ball. Jumping is obviously not too good for older joints but it is actually the racing after a thrown ball that is worse. It is the sliding stop (overshooting the thrown ball) that can cause damage followed by the sudden twisting turn to go back to pick up the ball as it can affect the hip joints. It is good that you are considering this problem now before any possible damage, perhaps you could work on longer, but slower walks, maybe with some hill work if you have that sort of terrain in your area? Good luck.