Premiums on the rise....

Discussion of experiences with obtaining and claiming on Pet Insurance, how to select an insurer and what to look for in a policy
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Premiums on the rise....

Post by daffodil » 02 May 2010, 17:27

Just to let you know I suspect pet insurance premiums may be on the rise again. Neighbour has a 5 year old english bullmastiff Buster plays with as he is a sweetie. He has been with MoreTh>n for ages and just got a renewal quote. Despite not claiming for at least 3 years, they now want not £328 but instead £8?? for the year. The only claim he made was when the EM was 12 months as needed steel pins in one of the back legs, not a single claim or illness since.

I am wondering Buster's insurance is with Sainsbury's, does it get recalculated every year or every so many years or after a claim? I have only claimed on it once when he had a skin infection which cost nearly £300 but I am worried about whether I should start getting quotes now?

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Re: Premiums on the rise....

Post by ebug99 » 02 May 2010, 18:15

It's outrageous isn't it - the whole point of insurance is that you're covered if you need expensive veterinary treatment and then you end up paying through the nose for premiums if you ever claim.

I've just added Harvey to my petplan policy thinking that I would get a discount for a 2nd dog - well I did, a whopping 21p !! :shock:

Think after the first year is up I'll be shopping around.............

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Re: Premiums on the rise....

Post by Allison » 02 May 2010, 18:58

We are with Tesco, which is £8.98 ( or something like that) a month. I set it up when we first had Max in January
Allison & Max

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